Post Event hangover

Just saw the photos from our blogging project! I cannot wait to show them to you, Sam (the creative genius), myself and Sybil have spent at least a month talking about this pretty much everyday. The thing about events is that you work so hard to make it work, you plan, look for inspiration, speak to sponsors, think, talk, brainstorm, and then in a blink of an eye it's all over. All you have is a post-event hangover. The feeling is bittersweet and somewhat nostalgic, it's as if a small void has suddenly opened. Yet the capacity for my brain to multitask is exhausted and a much needed break is actually really welcome. 

A comatose and nostalgia only last for a day, I am so curious about what is in store for the rest of 2011, there is little time to be nostalgic, although a little sleep and chilling with my new Patti Smith book Just Kids is in order this weekend.

These are photos from last Wednesday. So I am trying out new looks as part of my wardrobe rehab project. Autumn calls for new colours, I have zero yellow in my wardrobe which seems to be a fashion crime this season. I saw this top in ZARA and decided to give it a try, I paired it with new wool H&M skorts, ASOS heels and a very old YSL bag that needs a good scrub.


  1. I like the mix of different textures; cannot wait to see what you, Sam, and Sybil have in store! ^^

  2. Dudles have the exact same top! Love how you're wearing it, so slick and chic. you look gorgeous as always xx

  3. great outfit! love grey and yellow mix

    Inside and Outside

  4. I absolutely love this!! Now following your blog with Bloglovin! :)

    <3 from San Francisco

  5. what a lovely burst of color! a chic & vibrant look and a fantastic combo for fall indeed~ and you look gorgggg!

  6. Oh yes, a post event hangover is like a post project one. You feel good after but feel like something is missing at the same time.

    I love the yellow top!! I should buy more yellow, I think I only have 2 yellow things in my closet.


  7. Love this look! The bright yellow top is quite simply POPPIN! xx


  8. so SO gorgeous!! love this whole outfit! super jel you're a HK blogger and get to hang out with my lady love G from a pair and a spare ;) xx