Scalloped Stripes and Colonial Goods

This is a very delayed post, but I finally found the camera chip with the photos from the Colonial Goods party we were invited to by Carmen Chan

I really like Carmen's style there is something very dreamy about it. I just finished Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore and I really feel that Carmen's aesthetics fits the Murakami style: clean, slightly overexposed, no sharp lines, light, airy, almost intangible. What I really like about Carmen's work is the use of light, she captures the whiteness, grabbing the particles of light from the air with her objective and then compresses them onto the print. I like the less is more approach. Murakami's writing is like that it has a nostalgic melancholy about it, and a certain simple complexity.

As for my outfit, I just came back from holiday so was still in the mood for Breton stripes and wanted something short but loose and simple on the bottom, that's where I remembered my scalloped babies. As the outfit was looking too summery I though I needed to toughen it up. I bought these Marc Jacobs boots around 4 years ago and cost per wear they have been one of the best buys I have ever made. Bracelet Uterque, bag Bimba & Lola.

So it's almost the weekend! I am ready, you?

P.s for more stories about/photos of the party - check out the posts by the wanderlister and the Style Voyager.

On the photos in the order of appearance (kind of) our HK blogging family: super hot Priscilla of Electric Sekki and Geneva from A Pair and A Spare, JJ from the Wanderlister, Carolyn from Seattle from Hey Pretty Thing, Daniel Kong of theblackrenaissance, Sybill form the Style Voyager, Denise from superwowomg. We are just missing Sam from Sam is Home.


  1. My favourite picture is of Daniel's surprised face and Denise who looks like she's making love to the photos on the wall. LOL

    can I borrow them scallops? :P

  2. ooh looked like a fun shindig~
    gahhh love the way you layout and edit your photos.
    and fabulous boots indeed!
    them scallops be lookin good on ya!
    xoxo Diana

  3. oooh haha i like these pics! snagging the one of the three of us :)

  4. I really love that Bimba and Lola bag of yours,I see it all the time in your posts! I almost bought it 2 months ago back in Malaysia, but I had to restrain myself - I have way too many bags.
    Also I love those orange shoes!! - They look like my Camper ones.. but BRIGHTER AND AWESOME!

  5. Hahaha you WOULD use the picture of me looking surprised =]

  6. Great pictures,hon!You look great!

  7. Love the scalloped shorts, amazing. The girl with the pleated skirt, her sandals with the clear plastic are to die for!! any idea where she got them?
    Love your style also, and yes I think you should certainly steal your friends celine choker!!


  8. looool i love that pic of daniel!

  9. Guapa muchas gracias por tu comentario :)) me encanta tu blog y perfil que suerte la tuya de rodearte de tantas culturas para mi eso es como un tesoro alimentarnos de lo postive de cada cultura y aprender es fantastico por eso me encanta Londres porque ves esa mezcla de culturas :) Y ahora tu en Hong kong wow! Increible. xx

  10. daniel, what was i saying that was so surprising?! i can't recall, i wasn't feeling too well that evening, sorry if i said something terrible!