Things that Matter ...

It's been a long week. We just finished a very exciting project with ASOS that I will tell you all about very very soon. All I can say for now I am in a sugar coma, as I have spent all afternoon eating cakes, hanging out with my favourite HK blogger ladies and taking endless photos.

This Wednesday I went to Walk With Me @ Lane Crawford who showcased their new A/W 2011 Men’s Shoes and Accessories Collection. It was all about toys for grown up boys: exquisite leather shoes, soft suede bags, perfectly made brogues and even two playboy style bunnies (lovely girls but rather out-of-place at this event). Some toys were more adventurous than other: studded Louboutins, Prada-like Church wedge brogues, sequined sport shoes. I kept on trying to picture the different types of boys that would wear these: style conscious bankers, flamboyant architects, stuck up creatives, chic metrosexuals, people with humour and a lot confidence. These different personalities would have one thing I common, they all would have succumbed to the lure of the beautiful products.

The design, the quality, the cut, the texture, all these qualities of an object generate so much desire in style conscience humans. Yet despite the beauty and the impeccable craftsmanship of these they are just that, objects.

What intrigues me about objects are stories. Stories of what the designer was thinking, what went through his mind when he applied spikes to the shoe, what songs he had on his playlist while creating these, what inspired him.

Other stories that fascinate me even more  are human stories. Fashion objects only really gain life once they are worn by humans, so by stories I actually mean memories, adventures, experiences. That scarf she wore the first cold autumn night when they met, those boots that got covered in mud at that summer music festival, the worn-out leather bag that was forgotten on the plane back from world travels and kindly returned to the lost-and-found, the belt that was passed from her mother who found it at a market in Algeria 30 years ago, your grandmothers ring. Things can only gain true value for me when there is a story attached to them, only then do they become interwoven into the fabric of reality, gaining a personality of their own, becoming a character in the kaleidoscope of images of the past, until then they are just incredibly beautiful objects. 

Check out Denise's and JJ's blogs for a much more detailed recap of the event. Third last photo courtesy of JJ and the last two of Denise, and yes that's me cracking jokes at my favourite girl Christing


  1. Love it all dudles, every single word, the photos, your outfit, your gorgeous top, your face. Loving the Algeria comment:) xx

  2. all those men's shoes are so crazy! my guy would have loved to check out that show. looked like fun! :)

  3. i would wear those shoes in a second :)

  4. I love metallics! I want to get TOMS in gold and silver.

    ps. I love bubble tea! My fav flavours are taro and red bean...yum

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR