Hey boys ....Hi Mr. Porter ...

Despite my endless love for Garance, Scott and Ivan, my latest favourite read is Mr Porter.

I think it must be the fashion hangover from the September visual bacchanalia where every blog I read has been posting photos of the editors, bloggers, well dressed punters with round Karen Walkers and Prada swirl sunglasses and flatform creepers  (%%$!!!) and crazy prints and color overblocking and polka dots with flowers and and and...  

My brain is craving something more calm, timeless, streamlined, less fashionable and more stylish, basically more masculine. Here comes Mr Porter - the weekly magazine  journal (don't you love how jourrrrrnal just rolls off your tongue?) 

It is concise, has the perfect mix of music, art and lifestyle + the how to's guides, it has that too cool for school attitude and the classic appeal of the Rake  as well as the amazing men's tailoring = just the dose of calm inspiration that I need.

Check out their awesome style icons, I chose a few I liked the most. As for the ultimate icon? For me it's a tug of war between David Bowie (because everything about him was different and groundbreaking, from style to music), Mick Jagger (no comment) and Great Gatsby  Mr Redford (because I love Fitzgerald and the 20's).

P.S.  Check out the Mr. Porter Icones for little write ups on each of the style icons. The coolest one is about Tom Waits.  

Mr Waits' voice has been described by the rock critic Mr Daniel  Durchholz "like it was soaked in Bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car". (Tom Waits, the last photograph next to David Bowie)


All photos taken from Mr. Porter


  1. That's so funny because I've also started reading Mr.Porter. While women's fashion is more 'visually stimulating', I always go back to the quiet stability of menswear.

  2. Great recommendation, such a stylish boys :)
    P.s. thank you so much for lovely comment on my blog dear :*

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  4. I love menswear! I love Mr Porter so much and I'm glad you mentioned them here. Do you know about Park & Bond?