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Another crazy week! Parents came into town on Wednesday and Friday we left for Bali to celebrate my husband's 30th (getting sooooo old!!!).  I have been working, entertaining my parents, devouring dim-sum and running between events. Oh and of course eating macaroons and chocolates that my parents kindly brought me. (Thanks guys just when I need to work on a bikini body, you bring two bags of sweets!)

Olivier …. Olivier (first name terms of course :)

I was super excited to find out that Olivier Theyskens was in town for the opening of the Lane Crawford pop-up store. His collection for Theory was one of my favorite collections for S/S 12. Simple, perfectly cut, androgynous but with a twist. Have you seen those amazing wedges?

So after work on Wednesday I changed into my new favourite skirt by Stolen Girlfriend's Club from Christing C and met up with my parents to take the ferry to TST. The skirt is long, black, see-through and with a super high slit. Pure amazingness! One problem I took the skirt and the top with me to work to change, but forgot my shorts. Great start! I needed an emergency solution or risked flashing the star ferry crowd as well as the whole Lane Crawford party. In came my black trusted suede ZARA jacket, I basically tied it around my waist, protecting my bum from unnecessary stares :) Problem was solved. 
(Rest of the outfit: boots Lanvin, Clutch Mulberry, cuff ASOS, jacket ZARA, top Initial)

As for the party it was really fun to hang out with my HK blogger buddies and of course get to meet Olivier and Sarah Rutson. She looks like a tough cookie (no messing), has killer legs and an amazing wardrobe (you wouldn't expect less from the head buyer of LC), Oliver has a shy Bambi-caught-in-the-headlights look about him. He looked particularly scared when we circled him to ask him for a photograph. 

In Bali now did some surfing lessons yesterday and now just woke up to have a morning yoga class :)  Happy Days!

Last photos courtesy of Tim Chang and JJ Acuna.

Sarah: Hmmm so what hair conditioner do you use? Olivier: I did try a Brazilian blowdry once but now I just keep it simple some Pantene & Head shoulders. I can get you some samples Sara: Thanks O, sounds great!
 Yep they are twins. Amazing right? That's when I wish I wasn't an only child...
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  1. Great post! Love your emergency solution! Fabulous!
    Have a great time on Bali! I have been there last April. And it was amazing!

  2. uuu I love this skirt on you!..sexy elegant! I love this skirt shape..short-long, just finished similar diy but yours is way better! It is always great to see bloggers mingling together!


  3. ...and I love Sarah!...forgot to mention...

  4. Love all the photos:)


  5. Neat solution to the skirt! Also, the skirt looks absolutely gorgeous with/without the jacket (: Hope that you're having loads of fun in Bali!

  6. OMG!!! I would LOOOVE to meet Mr. Theyskens himself. I actually think that your jacket tied like that creates a whole new look! Love it :) Thanks for letting me know about this event on my blog! BTW, super jealous that you're in Bali. Enjoy!

    <3 from San Francisco


  7. Lovely pics and I LOVE that skirt. Great idea tying the jacket around the waist. =)


  8. Como siempre bella, como siempre fantastica!!



  9. love your whole look! that skirt looks gorgeous~ I think it even looks cooler with the suede jacket tied around your waist too hehehe. Olivier...such a beautiful man and so love what he's done with Theory, such a fantastic style. great photos of the event love :DDD
    xoxo Diana

  10. Oh my gosh hunny you look amazing! Love the way your working the gold cuffs into your outfits I love this! And Christing C. truly is creative - gorgeous skirt and you became her wonderful muse for the day xx


  11. Great event, fashionable people and the food...what else would you look for:)

    I love your outfit! fab!