Practical Guide to Tea Parties

Let's start with the credits: Check out Sam's write up of behind the scenes it's absolutely brilliant (spot the fox picture :) Also thank you to JJ @ the Wanderlister for his interview and a write up about our project and to the Sassy girls  and to Daniel Kong and Anywearstyle for featuring us. 

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(I am sounding like a very bad politician :)

I was thinking of spreading the love and sharing with you a few tips on how to do your own tea party. I thought I could consolidate the whole process into a few steps so here is a very "practical" guide to Tea Parties! Go on give it a try!

"Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice very earnestly.
"I've had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more."
 Lewis Carroll (1865) Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 6

Step 1- THINK
Come up with the idea (e.g. Alice in wonderland, Tea the local way, Marie Antoinette)

Step 2 - PLAN
Settle on a theme, the look, colour scheme etc

Step 3 - WEAR
Find a clothes sponsor. Cannot find one? Then just come up with a dress theme. 
How about Polka Dots or something more costumish, like Great Gatsby.

Step 4 - DAY DREAM
Best part! Brainstorm, search the web, tumblr, buy design magazines, or even better go for a haircut and browse ALL the magazines at your local hairdressers!
(Yes, now you have an almost legit excuse to spend hours on the web 'searching for inspiration') 

Caution web is full of temptations so do not get sidetracked

Step 5 - SET THE  DATE!

Step 6 - SEARCH
Vintage stores, trawl through markets, eBay or rummage through your grandma's attic.
{Sybill bought the birdcages at the market in Kowloon, we borrowed the teapots from Denise, used the china we found at mine, Sam got tea accessories in old local stores and vases were from IKEA.}

Step 7 - YUM YUM
Crucial part, I mean it's all about the cakes, right? So find a food sponsor, your local cafe, your aunt, or you can always bake yourself (my baking skills are much worse than my PR skills so I went with the first one).

You have set the date, bought all the goodies and baked the cakes. It is the night before so why not have a sleepover: decorate the place, listen to music, get a Mexican takeaway, open a bottle of wine. Try and avoid getting too drunk as you will be less likely to enjoy the food the next day!

Use your imagination - paint the bird cages to make them look rusty, use magazines as cake stands and metal mugs as vases, play around with food arrangements. 

Step 10 - HAVE FUN! 
On the day: Put some good music on! Relax! Eat! Remember to take photos!

P.S. optional extras

- find a someone to make a video
- invite extra people to help finish all the cakes
- make some fresh sandwiches as at some point you'll start craving something savoury

Have a good week and remember to Vote!

Initial moodboard courtesy by Sam
Hermes tea images courtesy of Peony Lim and the flower arrangement by the flower guru Jeff Leatham,the rest by moi


  1. You are absolutely obsessed with the Hermes. Hahaha.. wanna pitch to them? :P Maybe a champagne yacht trip around the islands or something? We'll miraculously catch some sea bass wearing silk scarf gowns....

    You should write more guides- I like these. :)


  2. agree with sam~ great post!

  3. Great post! Perfect guide for tea parties!


  4. This is very informative and its always interesting to hear about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into lovely events like the tea party you girls organised. Organising events gets somewhat overwhelming at times which takes the fun out of it. But I'm sure there's no problems if your guide is followed! :) More guides please!




  5. Alice in Wonderland & Marie Antoinette? Sounds like my kinda tea party!

    ~ Clare x

  6. I'm not particularly fond of tea but I do love a good tea party! :) Completely random, I love your blog design & layout! It's so simple and clean.

    Anywho, thanks for stopping by my blog! :D