Russian Dolls Ulyana

I am sure you have seen Ulyana together with the other Russia's hottest fashion exports (Mira, Vika, Natasha, Elena). Her pin up style: the head scarf a-la hot babushka, her kitch elegance, like a Russian Ditta Von Tease, but with much more versatility, makes her super hard to miss.

I have spotted her early this year and have been watching her being snapped away by Tommy Ton and other street style photographers hungry for all things new. It was not until last week though, just when  I decided I have had enough of fashion and needed a break, that I came across her debut fashion collection. Yep there I go again! Meet my new girl crush. 

In her amazing fall/winter collection, she expands on her style staples by taking influences from 1900's silhouettes, pin up girls and Russian traditional clothes and she makes all of it look fresh and original by using beautiful grey, taupe, teal and mustard colour palette sprinkled with some pretty prints. 
(I have to give it to her over Kanye West with his dubious debut :)

P.S. Only she could make flower wall paper look actually cool!


  1. My gosh she is so extraordinarily beautiful... I can't stop looking at her! And her clothes! I feel like she could be new style icon...

  2. Oh yes...she's amazing!!! I'm a big fan of hers...I always admired people who are loyal to one style only. Maybe because I could never do that

  3. She is really special lady and all of her collection is amazing, fresh and different! I spotted her year ago and since then collecting her photos like crazy!


  4. I'm in love with these photos!! The clothes, the hair, yes even the floral wall paper! LOVE!

    ~ Clare x

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