Typhoon N8 + Urban survivors

My first typhoon. I have been hearing stories about this much welcome boogeyman ever since I moved to Hong Kong two years ago. The main appeal of it being the fact that  no one has to go to work. In fact according to HK government one should:

"Lock all windows and doors. Fit bars into positions and insert reinforced shutters and gates if available. Adhesive tape fixed to large window panes in exposed positions will reduce damage by broken glass. Do not stand near windows on the exposed side of your home. Move all furniture and valuables away from these areas. Make sure you have a safe place to shelter, should windows be broken. Now is the time to decide which rooms you will use to shelter if the windows on the exposed side of your home become broken."

Hmmmm....  Are you serious??? I especially like the last part...
Last Wednesday I woke up  unaware of the weather observatory warnings, finished morning emails while sitting on the terrace watching the angry clouds and listening to the wind, when I was about to leave to work, the skies opened up and a wall of water drowned the city. The typhoon has arrived.

I sat around dreamy and sleepy and a little restless. I opened the windows despite the government warnings (LOL :) rebel moi) I had  so much to do instead I was on my sofa watching the city disappearing in a grey cocoon of water all I could do was listen to the gusts of wind. I was confined to my flat. I focused on snacking, taking photos of work outfits and things around my flat and reading Patti Smith Just Kids, while listening to Janis Joplin, (anything to avoid the dangerous zone of online shopping).

Few hours later the rain stopped. Angry grey clouds shredded by the wind were roaming in the skies. I have seen some crazy blizzards in Moscow before and was curious to go outside. I grabbed the dogs and entered the ghost town. Streets were almost empty and full of rubble, it seemed the only people on the street were some unperturbed expats and old men pulling their carts loaded with newspapers. Almost all the shops were closed. Strong gusts of wind and hazy drizzle and almost empty streets; the whole scene seemed like a caricature of a modern day apocalypse.

We walk. We walk the ghost town, the ghost town of our dreams

We climb and crawl and then we find a rope hanging off the tree

We climb and reach, yet streets deserted and wind our only partners here

We turn and walk towards the storm eye, wishing, we could just disappear

Walking down the streets of Sheung Wan I met my girlfriend  and we got completely soaked in some crazy rain, just when I started thinking that going outside was a silly idea, we found an oasis of calm and civilization.  Oolaa, one of the few places opened for brunch, was full of smiling and happy people excited about a mid week break from work. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought of venturing outside.  It felt like those snowy days in London, you walk by a pub and see smiley faces of the brave urban survivors, who ditched their TV's at home and ventured out into the unknown,  rewarded by warm food and beer, their happiness was always contagious.

I think I quite like these typhoons :)

Outfit: my new Massimo Dutti brogues, perfect colour + perfect shape = I am in love. H&M skorts, Massimo Dutti very old shirt, jacket Cotton ON, glasses Ray Bans, clutch very very old Mulberry. Lomo a gift from Sybil


  1. ooh scary.. glad you're okay! i'll have to contact my family in HK and ask how they're doing!

  2. T8s are amazing, aren't they? hard to believe we haven't had one in two years. i've been in HK for 5 going on 6 years now. every time there is a T8, i'm totally amazed by the power of nature's force. how small we are. i remember the T10 three years ago. we're on the south side of hong kong and fairly exposed, so we got pretty blown about. great pictures and a cute outfit. you'll have to bring that one out again, a shame to have to stay inside when you've got such cute shoes to show. thanks for stopping by on my blog.

  3. I love how you described everything. Are those photos from that day? How eery~
    On another note, that is such a lovely outfit :D I absolutely adore the brogues~

  4. Your brogues get a seal of Sam approval.
    Too bad we're not the same size.. grrr..

  5. your flat is super cool, loved the quote "anything to avoid the dangerous zone of online shopping"

  6. Woah, that sounds kinda scary but also really cool! I'd love to be able to get out of work for a day or two bwahaha! Despite the craziness of the weather you've managed to look very chic as always ;)

  7. Me encanta tu estilo super effortless cool!HK me parece una ciudad muy interesante, me encantaria poder ir algun dia! x

  8. magical and frightening power of nature! I love your text...felt like I was there...


  9. I think I'd most probably be scared. Love the stormy images, though and the outfit. Oh and I found out where the bottle openers I posted a while ago are from; mjolk, not etsy like I thought :)

  10. This post took me back to my younger days but only difference was I had hurricanes to deal with, which I guess technically is the same thing. Free home day! =) I can completely relate to the online shopping part. I struggle with that! Btw..cute top and love the grey jacket.