Another store party JOYCE

I got back from Bali on Sunday. It has been an amazing week: surfing, rafting, sleeping, partying, more surfing, driving around on scooters, sunset watching and a lot of eating. I apologize for not posting updates but the Internet access was rather patchy and I really needed a good rest from all the fashion shenanigans. It’s strange to be back in the shopping heaven of Hong Kong: being in the middle of the jungle switches off your spending mind. You wear a sarong and read books, there is no need to buy something every two minutes. As you return to Hong Kong, you feel ambushed by the amount of adverts, every two seconds you see another beautiful image of something you need to own. Eating and shopping: the convenient consumer utopia at its best. My first reaction was to jump on the plane back to Bali. That unfortunately was not an option.

I have a huge amount of holiday photos to go through (987 to be precise), in the meantime I have a few photos from the Joyce opening in Causeway Bay. A real pioneer in the Hong Kong retail space. Joyce has been around for 30 years and is known for their edgy visual merchandise, brave  designer selection and a bevy of very fashionable fans that sometimes look like the infamous Lady Gaga “monsters”. I have to say that some people won’t stop at anything to be noticed. Some people just posses eclectic style, while others try very hard to rummage through the fashion dustbin to pretend they have eclectic style. The line between the two can sometimes be very thin, you can get it very right or very wrong.

P.S. Yesterday I went to an amazing event hosted by Electric Sekki which can be summed up as shoe and clothes porn straight from London (think Mary Katrantzou, Todd Lynn and Nicolas Kirkwood and others all in one space). What a way to start the week! Photos coming tomorrow….

Wearing shorts by H&M and shirt by ZARA.

Yes I have no idea where to put my arms. When you are not holding a bag arms become a photo liability: awkward whichever way I put them :)

Carmen Chan looking super cute. Love her shirt detailing and  silver jumper combo 


  1. Bali sounds amazing! Still love the golden trips you've put on your collared shirt and wow, the girls' hair in the last pic is so vibrant...it looks cool on them, but I'm pretty sure I could never pull that off, haha. Can't wait to see more of your photographs!

  2. ahh can't wait to see some bali pics! hope you had a good holiday <3

  3. I just realised from your pictures that you were all wearing white on top/black on bottom... except me! You all coordinated without me!

  4. I didn't take you as an outdoor person, I'm sure that you loved rafting.