Central/Central First Video Campaign

I have been useless at updating my blog, have been traveling non-stop and accumulating more and more photos. The actual notion of going through all of them is driving me crazy and every time I start I get extremely overwhelmed. So while I am sorting out through the photos I will show you a campaign I did for very cool store called CENTRAL/CENTRAL (the old HMV in the Landmark). The store houses different brands such as Karen Miller, Steve Madden and my favourite Nine West.

Few months ago Priscilla asked me if I wanted to be in a video campaign for a new department store and I said yes. The campaign was shot by Boris (HKHQ.tv ) and styled by Miss P herself. Being on camera is super strange, at first I was really shy, but afterwards I actually really started enjoying being someone else for two days. I had to pretend to be a devil wears Prada /high flying fashion executive. She wakes up early and goes for a run, reads her newspapers, chooses what to wear and off she goes to work. Her schedule is busy, work demanding, career is her life and her only other hobby is shopping. The perfect woman that only exists in adverts.

Hope you like the video, as the filming process was super fun and I really enjoyed working with Boris and Priscilla. They are so young, but so bright, creative and professional, I cannot wait to see what happens to them in the next few years. As for the campaign Cindy plays an IT-girl (check out how hot she looks) and Brittany is the absolutely stunning model, that plays the tai/tai - girl next door. I have to say I felt like a midget dwarf between the two of them.

The man behind the whole project was the incredibly talented guru of VM Omar Khan (of the eponymous Omar Khan Collective.)

I missed the opening night as I was in Bali and came by the store with my parents the night we came back, it was a completely surreal experience to see your own photos hanging in the store. I couldn't really believe it was me. Apparently there is a tram cruising around with an image of the three of us on it, if you guys see instagram me! 

Finally  a weekend with no need to pack and take any flights!


  1. Hey, you look amazing and whole campaign is great! Actually I think your roll suits you perfectly....fashionable and always on the move young lady with great sense for sport and nature...at least that's the way I imagine you.

  2. Oh, wow, that's awesome, congrats! It seems like it was fun to make. You, Cindy, and Brittany look great in the video. Hope that you enjoy your (rare) weekend at home and really relax ^^

  3. whoa! i'll have to check this out. and i'll definitely snap a pic if i see the tram (we just went on a family tram ride the other night). don't you love this lovely cool weather we're having? hooray for legit blazer and cardi weather at last!

  4. you look great in the video and i love the video campaign! its tres chic!


  5. oh wow, love this video! the music and all the shots of the cool clothes. The styling and all the boots...absolutely fantastic.
    All you ladies look FABULOUSSSS.
    Congrats on feature Tania!
    all those stills in the gold frames look great too~~~esp. love that second shot of you stepping out of the car.
    xoxo Diana

  6. Fabolous!!! Tania u look absolutely amazing!! Milena

  7. What a wonderful opportunity! You look amazing! How very exciting!

    ~ Clare x

  8. You look amazing in the video. I especially love the red dress look you were wearing. Also the suit with the tweed jacket. Very chic!

    xoxo (till next time)