Gold Collars and Cuffs

What a crazy busy week, although I  still have little bits of "Bali zen" surviving in me. This week has been about projects planning with my favorite HK bloggers, considering a new part time degree (in Environmental Management, believe it or not :) and trying to eat healthy after all the holiday excesses. 

Just finished my bubble tea now (Friday treat with the team) and tonight I am taking a plane to Taiwan. My hubster is doing an Iron Man in Kaohsiung and I am planning to surf and chill while he does his manly stuff. Boys and their egos! How is that women never need to prove their womanliness?

Wanted to show you some outfit photos from Monday of a really fun dress I picked up in a small shop in HK called Button Hole. It's very preppy French maid that discovered disco. I am in love with the gold sleeves and the super cool collar. Feel like a disco ball.
Photos courtesy of my amazing B/B Carmen Chan.

Have a good weekend! TGIF

wearing Marc Jacobs boots, Button hole Dress, Zara jacket, Bimba & Lola Bag 


  1. Great dress, gold collar and cuffs are perfect addition to black&white classic! Have great time in Taiwan!


  2. So jealous about you guys, bloggers in HK, you all having so much fun so often, and get to know each other.

    those collars are really fantastic, give me the idea to DIY a similar one myself:D

  3. Really nice detailing on the collar! The potential part-time degree sounds like it could be interesting; have fun in Taiwan! (:

  4. So chic!

    <3 from San Francisco


  5. loving that collar! I want one too!
    and how funny.. my boyfriend is into marathons and iron mans as well.. "boys and their egos" ha.. I also chill at the hotel while he goes do that stuff.. good luck to him..
    thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope to hear more from you, I'll keep in touch, take care!