Light-scapes & Dries VN

On Tuesday I was invited to a party with one of the greatest designers of our times Dries van Noten. I have always loved his work, the mixes of luxe, sporty and elegant, there is nothing kitch about him, pure simplicity of shapes, simple explicitly of prints.

The purpose of the cocktail was to present the very interesting collaboration between Dries Van Noten and a young English photographer James Reeve.  Dries came across James's work in 2010 when he was president of the jury at the fashion festival in Hyères. The photography festival took place next door and he just couldn't walk pass James's work. 

I have not heard of James before and was really moved by the simple concept of his photographs. Light is what defines the modern city, destructive and constructive, it penetrates the fabric of our existence,  it is the skeleton that supports and connects us. One of my favourite things when taking a plane at night, is to gaze down upon the city of departure. I put my face really close to the cold window and watch rivers of light drawing patterns,  I imagine millions of people like little ants within the maze of neons, LEDs and halogens.

The cocktail itself was hosted in a very special place, the FRINGE Club next to the infamous foreign corespondent club. The FCC itself is  well pass its glory days when journalists were seen as explorers, daring, inquisitive gatherers of news and stories. That  idealism of the pre-Internet media days is long gone so is the mysterious allure of the FCC. Yet, the Fringe is still thriving as a small, but cool venue  for exhibitions and concerts. 

The building dates back to 1890's and every creek here breathes history; the window corners, the slightly dilapidated walls, every scratch here has a story behind it. It was exciting to see modern design creations within this rather unusual (for Hong Kong) colonial/European architecture. It was a shame I had so little time to take photos and catch up with friends but that is HK for you. A collection of fleeting moments and turbo charged experiences.

 I had a work dinner to go to right after. How to change from  serious work wear to a fashion cocktail and back? Costume jewelry is my answer. I always felt a little strange wearing really heavy big pieces and this necklace by an Italian designer Angelo Figus was given to me by a ridiculously stylish girlfriend of mine, as a birthday present 3 years ago. I loved it, but it just felt too grown up. I rediscovered it a few weeks ago and decided to give it another try, I guess I must have grown up as it felt perfect this time. 

I always do that - I buy statement pieces and then let them hang/lay around before they grow on me and I give them a go.

Shoes MIU MIU, I found them on sale two years ago and adore how comfortable they are, pants Massimo Dutti (some piece are made in Portugal I find the quality and cut on those much better, like these trousers), top ZARA.


  1. What a statement piece! The necklace definitely stands out against the shirt and draws attention. It sounds like it was a great event, you're so lucky that you were able to attend. Hope you have a good rest of the week!

  2. Love that necklace! It's all you really need to liven up any outfit. :)

    <3 from San Francisco

  3. The necklace is ah-mazing!!! You're always invited to such groovy events!!!