New Beginnings and Taiwan

Ok so the reason why I have been MIA again, is because I was deciding what to do with my blog, I decided to split my travel stories from TlikeBubbleTea and created a new blog solely dedicated to travel TlikeBubbleTravel hope you guys will come to visit me on my travel blog. So BubbleTea will be mostly dedicated to fashion and design. While BubbleTravel will be dedicated to food and travel.

So my latest trip to Taiwan...

There are some countries that you are just drawn to, some for obvious reasons, like Indonesia (everyone loves Bali), India (explosion of colours, tastes, spiritual journeys), France (food, fashion, nature, macaroons) and then there are the less obvious ones. Taiwan is one of those countries, it is rarely on the top ten lists of the countries you want  to go to. Yet it has been a country I have been dying to go to for the last two years. Maybe it's the amazing Taiwanese people I have met in Hong Kong, or maybe it was my well documented obsession with Bubble Tea.

So two weekends ago I finally made it Kenting to watch Alex participate in the Taiwan Iron Man. My journey started when I got on the plane on Friday night, there I suddenly realized that people were smiling back at me, that's a huge change from Hong Kong where people NEVER smile, for a second I almost didn't know how to react.

For more stories of surfing, penis waffles, bubble teas, tequilas and the Night Markets visit me at TlikeBubbleTravel

Outfit: Wearing my custom made shorts (H&M boyfriend jeans cut to "resemble" scalloped shorts, DYI not my strongest forte but the shorts are super comfy), H&M shirt, Repetto shoes, PS1 Bag, giant sunglasses from the Night Market.


  1. amazing pictures !!Taiwan ... I want to go there one day

  2. I haven't visited any of the places you listed but my goal is to one day travel the world so this post was definitely inspiring. Hope you had fun in Taiwan. It's amazing how much of a difference the 'little things' make. Smiling faces are the best. Also, i'm really loving that green messenger bag. It's gorgeous! =)

    xoxo (till next time)

  3. The separate blog sounds like a great idea. I love your travel pics. I was thinking of doing one for my first-time-try recipes too ^_^

    Also love those shoes!


  4. Nice! I love your shoes! :)

  5. Ooooh really excited about your new blog, I love travel blogs! And the title is cute as :) Your bag in the photos is awesome, so roomy and the colour is lovely, I can imagine it going with so many things I own!