Pecan Pies and other Roasts

Becoming a mindful shopper is like going on a diet. You suddenly start craving sugar and carbs for breakfast.  Sunday morning as I re-read my last post I had a little panic attack: what am I going to be writing about? What designers are actually sustainable? Where will I buy clothes? Can you be a mindful shopper in Hong Kong? Can one still window shop? What about the small brands in HK that are mostly Made in China, yet are unique and different.

What is sustainability in fashion? Is it the ethical aspect of production? Is it about craftsmanship? Artisanal Hermes belts hand-made and passed through generations? Green production practices? No animal use? How far do you go? Where do you draw the line?

All these questions...

So to take a pause from  fashion for a day, I decided to keep myself busy with all things non-fashion. I went for a chilled hike with my doggies and then indulged in some cooking. I love cooking, not just because I love food itself, but because I love the process of creation. Finding cool cooking books, buying the ingredients at the wet market, experimenting, watching things come together, smelling, tasting, trying. I also love feeding people and in this case I was cooking for my girlfriend's thanksgiving lunch. 

I am crap at baking, but a big fan of roasting. Of course Jamie Oliver and his recipes came to the rescue. I have never had a "thanksgiving" meal but it sounded similar to Christmas. So I made roasted pumpkin with pine nuts and roasted potatoes with fennel and lemon, plus caramelized chilli macadamia.  (Recipes on TlikeBubbleTravel)

As for the lunch it was pretty much  the perfect way to spend a Sunday. 

A real "Hong Kong" style thanksgiving, with fresh coconuts, 25 degree heat, people from around 10 countries and a home made pecan pie. These are the times that remind me what a cool place HK is.

A back pack story: Given that I always carry around a million things with me (my camera, notebook, sunglasses, dog leashes, books and flats in case I need to walk) I wanted to get something practical but stylish, in came the 90's staple a backpack. Ally Capellino is an English bag brand, that creates hand crafted unique leather bags and accessories. I discovered them two months ago. Are they ethical in their production techniques? To be honest I don't know, I hope they are as I really like their brand. There is a video on the website of a trip to their Indian factory where the bags get produced. I have actually written to their PR to ask how they decide when picking their factories and find out more about the production process. To be continued...

DYI jeans shorts, top ZARA, boots 2 year old ZARA I have worn to death, sunglasses Prism, Bag Ally Capellino
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  1. wooah wooooah wooooah, easy there now ;p hahaha, those darn fashion-attacks...No need to worry love!
    But who says looking good isn't stressful sometimes? totally understand. (and especially, given that you work in fashion pr(?) )
    I say...stick to buying what you love? Like...if you don't see yourself keeping it forever or wearing it out til it rips through the seams, then you can most probably do without it ;) As much as we'd all love to have limitless amounts of money to buy any material good desired (I definitely feel this way sometimes, or maybe a lot of the times...) in reality, it's just sorta silly, right?
    On a lighter note...I do find the utility in a good piece of jewelry nonetheless. They're small enough to store away nicely/neatly, hard to throw out, and expensive enough to want to keep for a very long time.
    And good hand-me-downs are always an economical choice. My mom has so many awesome stuff that I'm just going to shop in her closet and call it a day. Plus, she always yells at me for buying "cheapy sh*t."
    ps. love the outfit btw. And those boots go with everything!
    GL, GL!!
    still gonna be a fan regardless~
    xoxo Diana

  2. yummy!!!

    xoxo from rome