Rags Bones and Kit Kats

Last week was so busy, since my boss resigned, my workload has pretty much tripled, so blogging was off the cards for most of the week. Long hours at the bank, equaled complete lack of energy to post. So this weekend was an absolutely perfect way to relax and get ready for the madness to come. The weekend involved an awesome country club in China, hairy crab (my first), more pecan pies, turkey, karaoke in English, Mandarin and Cantonese (I skipped the last two :),  massages, facials, and a good dozen of episodes of Modern Family. Heaven!

I have been meaning to post about the Rag & Bone event for 2 weeks now, but never got round to it. I love Rag & Bone.  Sporty, a little 90's, rugged and grungy, everything about the design of the brand appeals to me. Their 2012 S/S collection was one of my favourite ones of the season, all the 70's surfers, 90's raver's, neon, mesh references and loose silhouettes: everything was absolutely wearable and desirable.  

So I couldn't believe boys were coming to town.  They asked Cindy to do their DIY project for them: so she joined the ranks of Karolina Kurkova and Sasha Pivovarova in shooting candid shoots, no stylist, no make up artist just spare of the moment improvised creations shot by Carmen Chan. Brilliant stuff! Check out the Kit Kats photos (Cindy adores them)!

I saw the Rag & Bone boys too, but unfortunately didn't get to talk to them. They seemed busy and absorbed in their conversations, with Sarah Rutson (the chic Iron lady head buyer of Lane Crawford).

One of my very recent resolutions has been to try to be a more mindful consumer which involves understanding where the brand actually manufactures their clothes. Rag & Bone pride themselves on being made in the US. According to an interview they did with ASK MEN most of their clothing is made in the USA, usually in New York’s garment district when possible. "Some categories, such as knitwear and shoes, can be prohibitively expensive to produce in America, so those are made abroad (mostly in China)."
Mindful consumption is an interesting dilemma. Fashion is about the what’s new and what’s next. That is in direct conflict with the sustainable concept of consuming less. We want to pay less but get good quality,  the people in China, India, Ukraine, want jobs and hopefully higher wages and manufacturers and the fashion houses need to make a profit because they are running a business. Are you prepared to give up ability to buy cheap clothes? In favour of the people's wages who manufacture those clothes for you? What if the manufacturing would move back to the West? The cost of productions would probably triple and thousands of people in the developing world would lose their jobs.

It's a dilemma. 

P.S. I still love Rag&Bone and the fact that they are trying to manufacture the majority of their clothes in an old school manner, in the garments district in New York, shows that you can combine the ways you produce clothes. 

P.S.S. I think I am going to go with one of my friends who is a designer to a garment factory in China to actually understand how the process works, as the more I read about sustainable fashion, the more questions I get.

Wearing 1 year old shorts Asos, boots bought on sale from Lanvin, jumper NastyGal (bought it a little more than a month ago, was really in love with the holey design, read the label yesterday acrylic made in China). Being a mindful consumer while living in Hong Kong does not seem like the easiest thing in the world.

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  1. I love Rag and Bone too! :)

  2. I really enjoyed this post 1) because it sounds like you had a fun weekend being able to mix and experience sooo many cultures in one country 2) I LOVE Rag & Bone 3) you brought out a very good point about sustainable fashion and 4) you're wearing the sweater I wanted from Nastygal which is now sold out. =) Enjoy the rest of your week!

    xoxo (till next time)

  3. Looove that sweater! Rag & Bone = amazement!

    <3 from San Francisco


  4. I highly doubt that all manufacturing will return back West even if there were designers who decided to do so. In addition to that it would require the West to set up new factories and figure out a new way of producing without killing their workers (and their rights along with it) since countries such as China and India are quite lax in their production and QC rules.


  5. rag & bone is such a cool line~ I especially love their shoes/boots. And wootwoot, mina shin :D
    Really fantastic photos, as usual~
    And no probs gf! It was such good timing to have found your blog (since you started it right about when I discovered it via stylevoyager) and love following it for no other reason aside from just having pure love for it and you. (whoa...creeper-status *points to self*) You always leave the sweetest comments too :D
    On another note: Becoming a mindful consumer requires a lot more effort and brain noodle power, but seeking more knowledge and trying to think outside the box is never a bad thing. As an individual consumer, one should try to resist meaningless consumption...Of course this doesn't mean, NEVER buy, but rather try not to become so psychologically consumed by our material possessions. Then again, the desire and temptations are hard to keep in check. sheesh, what's a gal to do?
    xoxo Diana

  6. darling i feel ashamed but i didn´t know rag and bone before but now after reading your post i had to search them and i love their boots and shoes too. amazing pictures and i love the fact to try to be a more mindful consumer, i also want to try next year make even more things by myself and avoid running to much in all the stores!.
    great blog!