Running on

Days are getting shorter and more hectic and sunrises are getting more vivid. In the morning I struggle to get out of bed, I make cocoons out of the blanket and dream of sleeping in and spending hours in front of a fire with a hot chocolate. The smell of gingerbread latte is becoming slightly nauseating and the anxiety of the last days before Christmas is setting in.

Tomorrow night I will be flying to Belgium to spend Christmas with my husband's family. Now I am frantically ticking off things from my to do list; that encapsulates anything from work, to manicures, to last minute gifts.

The past two weeks involved: running around Hong Kong taking photos for a city guide project, working in the office like an octopus on steroids, trying to buy presents, while surviving on ginger sugar-cane cubes, pu-Er tea and sourdough bread. I have no time to breathe. Everyone has this urge to catch up before Christmas, as if you are some sort of to-do list item that must be crossed out. Festive Hong Kong is running on adrenalin, which is exciting and exhausting at the same time.

I am living in my Carin Wester jumper, sleeping in a Zara onesie, drinking ginger tea or hot chocolate, day dreaming about far away travels, craving cherry cakes from cafe LOISL, buying perfumes and cute gifts in Konzepp.

P/s we didn't buy a Christmas tree this year, first because we were too busy, then because we decided it made no sense to buy one, as we were going back to Europe, but I still decorated the flat with Christmas toys to keep with the festive spirit. I think I went a little overboard, but who cares :)

How is your last week before Christmas? 

Happy Winter Solstice to my Chinese  and Hong Kong readers!!!!


  1. loving them boots! Happy Christmas and safe travels love!!!
    It still hasn't settled in that xmas is only 3 days away...crazy.
    you deserve the break no doubt :D

  2. Have a safe trip to Belgium! You're gonna have an amazing Christmas for sure! Nothing as too overboard or too festive in household decorations especially since this year you don't have a tree. ^^ Have a great Christmas/New Years! xx

  3. oh I adore this feminine garconne look! Are the boots new? Don't think I've seen them in person!

    Eat a lot of chocolate for me in Belgium!!!

  4. Happy Winter Solstice to you too! I wish Winter Solstice was more of an event in the UK. That sweater is awesome.

  5. love these photos - have a wonderful holiday!

    i also just came across your old post with your ps1 bag. curious about how oyu like like and how it has fared. let me know if you have some thoughts on the leather/craftsmanship/design! :)