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What is life, but a collection of simple moments; smells, sights, colours, memories. Don't you love waking up in morning knowing the day is about to bring you a little adventure? I love the anticipation of change, I am a change addict, monotony tires me, it numbs me, makes me frustrated. Change and movement give life. 

On Tuesday I went for a same day trip to Bangkok. I had seven hours in my favourite Asian city, three of them belonged to me, the rest belonged to work. I was here in January with my mom for the first time and fell in love with the happy, vibrant, contagious energy of the city. 

Now, same day travel is a mission, especially for work. There is a dilemma of what to wear if you are heading somewhere warmer (30 degrees in Bangkok vs 20 in Hong Kong) and only have a small hand carry.

Solution: cropped green pants from Club Monaco + brogues for travel + blue shirt (sleeves can be rolled up for strolling around the city) + (to smarten up) grey suit jacket from Massimo Dutti + nude pumps from Comptoir de Cotonniers = capsule travel wardrobe. 

MD belong to Inditex they group that owns Zara but still produce a lot of their stuff in Portugal so the quality and cut is much better. They are still my go-to for well cut affordable work clothes.

P.S. in my seven hours, I took a scooter ride through the city, tasted Thai milk tea and fresh coconuts, visited a museum, walked the streets and met an extremely inspirational 60 year old lady backpacker... 

For more stories and photos of my Bangkok trip come visit  my travel blog 

P.S.S. I am doing a series of posts on Christmas gifts this weekend so stay tuned :) TGIF!!!!


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  1. I love change too. Travel, haircuts, furniture arrangement - change is good. The challenge of packing is part of the fun, for me, of traveling. A one-day trip, wow. I really like the colors you brought.