One Saturday in Hong Kong - weekend Shenanigans...

Dog Super Mappy, Jumper Petit Bateau, Prism sunglasses, Cap Zara kids (I couldn't find a cool cap in Hong Kong so decided to get something funny instead)

 Yep another week has flown by and I have been completely useless at posting any outfit photos. I will get better in the meantime I wanted to show you my Saturday in Hong Kong. When the weather is moody, I like to wander around the city. The best thing to start my Saturday is with 6am yoga then a run, gym and ... :) just joking. My favourite mornings are the lazy ones, with long waking up, followed by slow cooking of breakfast, followed by some spacing out, reading the papers and just relaxing. 

Afterwards dog walking to the peak. On the way to the peak I love discovering new roads, alleyways and old semi-derelict buildings, the view of Hong Kong from the peak never fails to amaze me, a hazy concrete jungle. 

After the midday trip to the peak I love to just walk around the cute little shops in Soho and drink tea with girlfriends. Forest Bird is a beautiful albeit rather expensive concept store with delicious coffee and cupcakes and a very cute little terrace. There are always new places opening in HK and last Saturday I stumbled upon a very cool store called Roomi on Staunton street full of fun vintage objects and a quirky selection of clothes. 

Twilight in Hong Kong is the most beautiful part of the day, the buildings turn this blueish pink colour and the city feels calm and serene for a few fleeting moments. 

To end the day I cooked Jamie Oliver seabass parcels, for a bunch of friends. I am absolutely obsessed with these, the mix of lemongrass, kefir lime leaves and coriander is insane! 

So that's about it some wine, chit chatting, and yummy seabass to finish off a day!

Happy days!

 Meet my new TOYER :)isn't he amazing?
Wearing: shoes MUI MUI, skirt ZARA, top Club MONACO


Leather Workshops, bossa nova and the pure chillaxation

What makes one appreciate a city? How do you fall in love with a place not obviously beautiful? I walk home from work the same way every day: up the escalator from IFC, crossing the hustle and bustle of Soho, chocking on some exhaust pipe fumes on Caine rd, est voila, I am home. Yesterday evening  I took a slightly different way walking up the steep hill of Aberdeen street. On my way I came across a beautiful small art gallery that is holding an exquisitely delicate show of ceramics by a Korean artists, purple black Calla flowers juxtapositioned against the frail white ceramic pots.  I think you fall in love with a city you live in when you discover it's hidden gems and learn to find beauty in the mundane.

Back to the weekend - the weekend involved chilling, jogging, making a big dinner for my friends, sleeping and watching movies. Plus on Saturday I did one of my new favorite things! A Leather making workshop. Yep the usual consumer moi has completed a leather note book cover. (Photo above)


"A handmade leather bags and accessories workshop, FUNGUS WORKSHOP  a partnership between ‘hoiming’ (a leather goods designer brand) and ‘cowrice’ (a lifestyle creative unit).  FUNGUS WORKSHOP is passionate about expressing individual creativity, and uses this workshop to share their leatherwork and attitude towards life with the world." Owned by the two cutest sweetest couples in the world its one of my favourite places in Hong Kong.

(The photos used above courtesy of fungus workshop, the rest of the photos used in the post are mine)

The place is located off a quiet alley way off Caine road. I have always loved leather, the smell of an old well worn leather jacket, the feel of a leather clutch. So having passed by the workshop many times and having fallen in love with custom leather made camera bags and the craftsmanship spirit I signed up to the classes last month.

Nothing is more relaxing than these 2 hours a week.
During the workshop they play bossa nova and Frank Sinatra tunes: it's just you and a piece of leather, you have to steady your mind and get completely absorbed in the process of stitching and cutting, sewing the pieces together. These peaceful moments of creation have become like meditation to me. 

I have signed up to a couple more classes and next on my list is a bright blue envelope clutch :) - you can see the beautiful leather below. 

So next time you are in Hong Kong make sure to drop by the workshop, I promise you will fall in love with it!


Club Monaco, an Iphone, silver hotpants + a Sleeveless Tila Jacket...

Tonight Sybil (my favourite blogget from style voyager) and I popped by the Club Monaco cocktail event. It was one of those events where they give you a glass or two of champagne followed by -10% discount on all your purchases, eh voila, a girl gets tempted into buying the whole shop. I have only discovered Club Monaco when I moved to Hong Kong in 09. A nice  brand, perfect for workwear not too edgy, like a North American cousin of Sandro and Maje but with less leather and lace plus slightly on the expensive side.

Nor Sybil nor myself, had a proper camera or were in a mood to drink champagne, but we decided to try some things on in the changing room and use my Iphone. Having scouted the shop we found lots of nice things but nothing was rather WOW, aside from this amazing sleeveless jacket. I have been looking for something like this for ages. The perfect sleeveless trench - a Spring staple, just right for Hong Kong Spring. I also found a pair of sequin hot pants, a-la Kylie circa 2000's. On a good note they were 2 sizes two big, as nothing is as scary as a tight shiny pair of hotpants on someone who has been forgetting to work out but been eating way too many cakes (c'est moi!)

Apologies for the absolutely terrible quality of the photos, but I had so much fun being stupid in the changing room I just had to share them with you, and at least the official Club Monaco photos are lovely.

Finally Friday tomorrow, it has been such a crappy week, cannot wait for the weekend!

Boots ZARA (as always :) Socks H&M men, shorts, top and jacket Club Monaco

Photos the more blurry ones courtesy of my Iphone, the less blurry nice ones www.clubmonaco.com


These small Sweet things that make my day ...

Hi Guys apologies for the recent absence, I have been quite sick, Tuesday failed to get any better than Monday and the weather has been really hazy, foggy, moody and humidly crap. Have been super busy at work so promise to put some clothes photos tomorrow, in the meantime some sweets for you. 

Today two things that made my day were: a nice dinner with two of my girlfriends (nothing cheers you up more than some nice girly chit chatter over a roasted chicken foie gras) and some very sweet news. The sweet news - Pierre Herme is coming to Hong Kong (or so I thought...)

Yes "the enfant terrible" of the macarons (or the English way macaroons) is arriving. I was browsing through The Selby, one of my favourite blogs that lets you take a good peak into cool people's homes, studios and offices - a real voyeuristic dream in a website. 

While you must have seen the pop up Laduree store in Joyce (if you haven’t my fellow blogger Sam did a beautiful post about it), Pierre Herme is like an edgier more chic less sweet and more exquisite big brother of Laduree. He doesn’t do sweet and pretty he does amazing taste. Some of his best sellers include: salted caramel; milk chocolate & Earl Grey tea; Ispahan (rose, lychee & raspberry); Magnifique (strawberry & wasabi) and White Truffle with Roasted Hazelnut, yum yum yum!

I still remember my first trip to Paris with my parents it was Spring time in 2000 and we have walked across the Pont Alexandre through the cobbled streets, we got lost as none of us could speak any French and my dad refused to follow the map (men never follow maps do they?) and we came across the Pierre Herme store. My dad has a ridicously sweet tooth: sweets, coffee and cigarettes are his three vices (oh and good shoes). Hahah now you know where I get it from. He always has a bar of dark chocolate in the fridge.


Well, just imagine us in the Pierre Hermes store. We went crazy! Buying all the different flavours and trying one or two and then walking home together in the Spring sun with big grins on our faces. We arrived to the hotel, and sat on the bed opening all the delicate white boxes and then we indulged. I remember tasting the different macaroons amazed at the intricacy of the tastes, marvelling the combinations, savouring every bite, incredible, light and delicate. There is nothing that beats them in my mind. I remember that slightly sweet smell of vanilla and sugar, the smell that takes you far away to the clouds, far away to that sunny spring day in Paris. 

Now you are going to kill me, because as I was about to post this and started looking for the link to the Selby post, SHOCK, HORROR!!!! the post's date said 2008. That means Mr Herme has been planning to come to Hong Kong for 3 years. My heart is now broken, all I can ask for is that if someone goes to Paris anytime soon please use the map below and experience one of these magical macarons for me!!
MR. HERME if you are reading Hong Kong is still waiting for you! Where are you?????


"In the Nighttime when the world is at it's rest you will find me in the place I know the best..."

"In the nighttime when the world is at it's rest you will find me in the place I know the best dancin', shoutin' flyin' to the moon (you) don't have to worry 'cause I'll be come back soon" Paul Kalkbrenner Sky And Sand

One of my favourite tunes of 2010 :)  Some songs just put a smile on my face. This one reminds me of the summer of 2010, it has that beat that makes you want to close your eyes and feel the warm sand under your feet and then spin around really really hard like there is no care in the world. You can only feel that carefree feeling in the summer when the air is hot, and the sky is full of stars, and the sea is really warm and has that green glow, like in the movie the Beach. 

Just imagine you are on that perfect beach, standing with your toes buried in the sand, you take a deep breath and then you run, run as fast as you can straight into the water and then nothing matters: it's you, the ocean and the warm starry sky on top of you. That's the moments I live for.

Unfortunately I am not on holiday, and today was one of those crappy Mondays when everything just seems to be going wrong, when I have a shitty days, music is one of the things that can always fix everything. First I have to force myself to smile just smile and put things in perspective and then I put a really good song really really loud and either dance around or daydream and then things just get better!

Anyways so the photos below are from the party on Saturday night, from my friend's birthday. I have not danced so much in a long time, managed to get very drunk and hibernated all of Sunday. As a result I also have a very sore throat today but it was all worth it. Check out the baby mock "Polaroids" (they are actually from a Fujitsu camera), unfortunately I only managed to get two photos and the rest were rightfully repossessed by the birthday girl.

Trench: Massimo Dutti, belt ZARA, Skirt Club Monaco, Boots ZARA, not sure if you can see on the polaroids, but the Tshirt is from Comptoir des Cotonniers (a perfectly loose very slightly bit shiny with a small pocket on the front - love at first sight) and a corset belt thing from ASOS.

Hope your Monday was better than mine if it wasn't remember to smile! As stupid as it sounds I promise it helps :)


Guilt free shopping, concrete tropical forests and Japan

Yesterday was one of those perfect rainy lazy days for guilt free shopping.

What is guilt free shopping?

That's when you are going shopping for a gift for your girlfriend, it's the so called altruistic shopping. I mean if it wasn't for her birthday you would never be spending all this time in a store ("Yeah right"). Yesterday was the birthday of one my really good girlfriends: a crazy, beautiful French girl - a hairdresser/model/party girl, full of life and energy, tough and street smart and with a heart of gold. What better gift to give her than a pair bright red Louboutins(yum!). In Hong Kong our group of Friends (my second family) have come up with the best way to give gifts - we all put money together and get the person something really special as opposed to everyone giving a small individual gift.

Red shoes have an absolutely magnetic effect on boys. You should have seen their faces when the box was opened at the birthday party. I have to say there was as much desire on their faces as on the faces of the girls. (More about the party in tomorrow's post).

I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Hong Kong. I have fallen in love with this city in the rain. There is something so mystical in the combination of trees, skyscrapers and the mist in the air. My favourite time of the day is definitely twilight. The blue and pinks and greys of the sky, the car lights blinking on the winding paths up to the Peak, the white mist covering the skyscrapers, changing their forms, wrapping them into the cocoons of mystery. One of my most cherished places in central, is the Hong Kong park, especially in the rain. It's not really a park like Hyde Park in London, or Central Park in NYC, instead it is an agglomeration of tropical trees, concrete pathways and a beautiful Avery, the latter one a magical place where the long vines and lianas hang down from the trees and the sound of the birds in the background transports you far far away. I can stay here for hours, when it rains there are no people so you feel like you are alone in a tropical forest.

As I was daydreaming in the park and admiring the beauty of nature, my mind turned to Japan, unless you have been in winter hibernation caved up in a hole in Alaska, you would have heard and read about the devastating aftermath of the earthquake. The might of our planet is humbling and scary at the same time.  We complain, we party, we shop, we take everything we can from life, we think that we have conquered it all advanced through our science, computers, nuclear technology and then the planet just reminds how small and insignificant we are.

My heart goes out to all those people in Japan, and it is weeks like this that I miss my family and friends back at home and realize how far far away they are from me. My mom always says that you have to be remember and respect the memory of those who died but you also have to be kind and respectful to those who are still alive. It's so important to appreciate every day of your life, your family and your loved one.

Photos courtesy of my friend Peggy an amazing photographer, fantastic interior designer, a super chic dresser and a caring mother of two beautiful baby girls. Thank you Peg!

Trench (always on a lookout for that perfect trench, this one is almost there) - Massimo Dutti, Belt/Scarf Topshop, jumper H&M men, jeans Kate Moss for Topshop form her first collection, glasses ASOS

Wallet/Clutch ZARA, Brown Boots Massimo Dutti (I liked them so much I bought them a size smaller because my size sold out, and now I have permanent blisters on my pinkies)

P.S. Check out the illustration of Alexander McQueen's S/S 2011 collection by Tanya Bennett
on the window displays at Lane Crawford - this is part of their new marketing initiative this year named 'Create & Inspire' where they have teamed up with a bunch of locally based artists for various projects.


Brzilian Blowdries and Aztec jumpers

I just walked home from my French class and I love it when it rains in the city. Streets get quite, there is a hushed sound of the raindrops falling on the umbrella, and this amazing smell in the air. As Hong Kong is half green jungle and half concrete jungle, when you walk on Old Peak Road where the jungle is more abundant than the concrete with a little bit of imagination you can pretend to be an extra in the movie I am Legend.

Anyways moving from the rain to humidity.

Brazilan blowdry has become the solution to a lot of my problems. To those of you who have not come across this miraculous invention, it is not a crazy alternative to "the Brazilian" in fact it relates to the hair on your head :)

Hair is something most women obsess about on a daily basis. We want it to be longer, thicker, curlier/straighter, have more/less volume. My best friend who is French-Algerian and has this incredible beautiful curly hair, is always stressing about her hair being too puffy while I am always putting my head upside down to try and give my hair some volume. Asian girls want wavy hair while we dream about having their long straight and thick locks.

Hong Kong's humid climate and my European hair really don't get along. In fact I have spent all of the very humid January with a big frizz-halo around my head. Every morning I have walked into the work elevator (where the walls are conveniently mirrored) and played the game of spot the frizz ball. Every single local girl in Hong Kong seems to have this insanely perfect hair: smooth, shiny, free of frizz and there was me, very easy to spot - wearing a reluctant halo. Then, I remembered the keratin super treatment aka the Brazilian blow-dry  I tried in London couple of years ago. I found a hairdresser in Hong Kong, the lovely Louis & Co and I was saved! Saved from playing silly games in the morning elevator, saved from straighteners, I don't even need to use conditioner, just shampoo! Happy days :) 

Moving onto work clothes when the weather gets cold outside and grey (so much for the spring that teased us this weekend) I just want to wear something very cosy, but still fun. 

The other day I came across this Aztec style cardigan from Sandro. Dark blue (check), quirky (check) comfy (check) love the Aztec style print (very Proenza Schouler Fall Winter 2011 – 2012) check check check - est voila!

The pants are my from my first and last black suit my parents got me exactly ten years ago. The day I stop fitting into them I will give up sweets, Matcha lattes, cakes and peanut butter but for now I am ok (just about :) so bring on more of that home made Tiramisu miss P. 

Shoes ZARA, trousers - almost vintage Calvin Klein, clutch Bag Mulberry, cardigan Sandro, belt 3EUR bargain from Stradivarius, shirt Massimo Dutti, the dog is my cutest mini sausage Map and the glasses are by Prism


Getting casually dressed up! Never leave a girl with a camera by herself

Last Saturday having gotten home from the baby shower I went into a sugar coma post all the home made Tiramisu, banana bread, almond and chocolate cake and not so home made but still yummy vegan chocolate cake. The hubster and friends were out having drinks and reminded that it was Saturday night and food comas were just uncool.

But, instead of joining them straight away I started playing around with my camera and trying on clothes. Never a good one when you are running late and have people waiting for you. I love boys jumpers, at first I used to steal them from the boys and then I started buying them, the blue super thin hoody is my recent find from American Vintage (men). I always love it when the shopkeeper gives you that "deer caught in the head light" look and says: This is for MEN! Nah really?!! and I though it was a girls' jumper hanging in the men's section of the shop. Seriously! 

Having grown up in the South of Spain I am rather partial to black, but do have an obsession with all shades of blue. Here I first paired  a casual grey J Crew top, with my old time favourite Topshop skirt, and then changed into the AV blue hoody, topping it with the perfectly cut Massimo Dutti jacket. Their jackets are just the best and they last for years. (This one is 5 years old)

Anyway I promise my pictures will start being more professional once I find a full time dedicated photographer :) 

More "workwear"coming tomorrow. 

Happy Wednesday! Just  2 days left to the weekend.

Hoody American Vintage, Boots Zara, belt TOPSHOP, socks H&M,  Skirt TOPSHOP, Jacket Massimo Dutti



Just Work: the big dilemma of what to wear to the office? Say no to black suits!

My day job is unfortunately as far removed from fashion or design as can be possible. But I really love getting dressed up and just because I sit in the office for most of the day doesn't mean I have to wear the horrible black suits. 

I think getting dressed for work for women is much more fun than for men - poor boys have little room for manoeuvre, aside from the cut and the material not much can be done to a suit or a tie. For girls, well we have the choice of wearing skirts, dresses, wide legged or skinny suit trouser, cardies and so forth. 

On the really gloomy days I love getting dressed up in the morning, adding a bit of colour, playing with accessories. It's quite warm in Hong Kong at the moment although it's super cloudy and a little polluted (for a change) so today I decided to wear my summary dress. I know it seems that I wear these ZARA boots in every bloody picture, I promise I have other shoes in  my wardrobe but they are almost as comfortable as trainers and if you have ever walked the streets of Hong Kong a girl needs a pair of comfy shoes to brave all the endless stairs and deal with all the walking. 

Dress ZARA, Suit jacket Massimo Dutti, Belt TOPSHOP, shoes ZARA, bag PS1


HK blogging - three ladies one rooftop 3 cameras :)

Last weekend I did a little rooftop get together with two other HK bloggets. Sam from Sam is Home quirky and cute baking loving fashion aficionado and sweet and chic Sybil from the Style Voyager

When we arrived on the rooftop of IFC, we realized that the whole community of HK helpers also decided to go the rooftop as well as a bunch of mainland tourists. Yet, you could spot us three a mile away - as the only girls with the awkward-but-oh-so-fashion midi skirts. (Best part we did not plan this - it was just pure coincidence)

I first met Sybil at Detour 2010 she was wearing an awesome see through lace skirt, I asked her if I could take her photos and she told me that was also a budding blogger, and thought I looked like Gala from Am-LUL, I fell in love. The rest is history...

So our Sunday together was a perfect girly gathering with lots of high-heel rooftop jumping (love it! best workout in the world), photo taking, Sybil's tips on posing ("touch your hair was my favorite") and smoke-free smoking and lots of talking about design and naturally fashion: ASOS, Zara and that beautiful Lou Doillon for Club Monaco campaign, the girl cannot do anything wrong. To end the day we had some tea and did some window shopping. Happy Days :)

Wearing a midi, jumper, shoes ZARA, belt Gucci ($ per wear one of my best buys ever), teal bag PS1 (love at first sight)