Moscow part 2: Feeling blue: skirts, skies, raybans, bags, chocolates :)


It feels like its been a very long week and it's only Tuesday. My dearest husband is leaving tomorrow to go trekking for 3 weeks in Nepal (he is on gardening leave), work is getting super busy, Sam from Sam is Home and Sybil from Style Voyager  and I are working on two awesome projects and I am in serious need of exercise, because unlike some lucky ones who don't eat when they stress, I turn to good old chocolate for it's calming effects :). Calming until you don't fit into your skinny jeans, that is.

Recently I have been meeting so many passionate and smart people working in design, construction, online retail, packaging and fashion. These people are truly inspirational, when you talk to them you just cannot stop talking, your conversations go on for hours, and you cannot stop bouncing ideas of each other. 


Moscow I heart you: art fashion and blue blue skies and thoughts about being a nomad...

As a person who grew up in Moscow in the 90's, spent her teenage years in Spain, and went to university in London, I have always thought of myself as a nomad. I had no ONE home, home was where I was at the time, where my friends and family were. I always denied being just Russian, and tried being European, international, my identity was that of a traveller, an explorer. Yet, as I got older and moved to Hong Kong, being so far away from family and old friends, I started to think about my identity. 

Is it good growing up all over the world? I think it's good to be open minded and flexible yet sometimes one needs an anchor, does your identity and nationality provide you with an anchor, or does it come from your loved ones? Is the anchor within you, regardless of your nationality? I think a bit of everything. 


Island tripping ... Best Potatoe Crisps in the world, mini Great walls and Kitesurfing

Back in Hong Kong from Moscow. I was going to try and blog everyday but as you can see that didn't happen :) Thank you again for your comments, and thank you to Chictopia who have kindly chosen my outfit from the last post for their front page for a day. Happy days!

As for Moscow, I am absolutely in love with this city in the summer, green trees everywhere, white fluff in the air making things look dreamy, the smell of summer, clearest blue skies. I have taken 489 photos (seriously!) so keep an eye out for the Rusky travel recaps in the  upcoming posts.

As for now, it's back to Hong Kong. The other weekend when my mom was in town I finally had a chance to go to Cheung Chau an outlying island of the HK archipelago. I have been meaning to go there for eons but there was always some sort of excuse (a hangover, other things to do, friends in town).

Hopping onto the fast ferry from the central, I was in a little happy bubble: my mama, weekend chillax, a new island to discover and the soothing rocking of the boat made for a perfectly  happy relaxing equation. The weather was grey and foggy which actually made the trip feel more dreamy and mysterious.


Bienvenido a Tinhau...

Remember that Manu Chao song: "Bienvenido a Tijuana, tequila , sexo, marijuana" good old Manu Chao. Btw Tinhau is a very quiet, residential, up and coming area on Hong Kong island, so no crazy stories here. Just had the tune in my head when I was writing the post.

I am very sorry for disappearing for the last 2 weeks but my mom was in town, which involved: a lot of eating out, travelling to the outlying HK islands, visiting temples and chatting until the late hours. I am going to really miss her :(
Thank you for all your nice comments on  my last post! It's super nice to know that you guys actually read the posts!

Back to two weekends ago, when Sam and I decided to head to Tinhau. The government have been trying to re-develop the area for last couple of years.

What I liked about Tin hau?

Candy colored skyscrapers, endless cafes, small health shops, cute little restaurants, they even have thier own Classified in the area. Quiet and relaxed by Hong Kong standards with a few lower rise buildings (very rare) it's a more cheap and chic alternative for Happy Valley.


Leather Workshop part 2: My sky blue clutch

Just got back from the beach. What an amazingly perfect Sunday. I woke up super early, went for a long run with my friend (Baby B), finally finished my bright blue clutch, went to South Bay beach with a bunch of friends, and then watched the sunset in a small beach bar we found in the South of the Island. Nothing beats a combination of a jug (or two or three :) of PIMMs, good friends, sunset and a warm breeze + the knowledge that the summer is just starting. Happy days!

So back to the clutch: it's sky blue, it's leather and I made it! I know, I know it's not exactly a Celine bag, but nothing is more amazing than creating something from scratch with your own hands. The smell of leather, the leisurely slow pace of the stitching process, the pattern cutting, the final polishing of the edges - the whole process is magical and extremely soothingly relaxing. I have to say a big thank you the Fungus workshop for letting me experience this. 


Grilled asparagus, Hong Kong wet markets and fishy business

We have had a lot of holidays recently and I am getting very used to working a 4 days week. Last Saturday I met up with Miss P and hot mamma to be (Miss C) for some dim-sum at Victoria Seafood in Citic Tower. Not the most charming place, it reminds me of those typical 80's banquet restaurants they have in Moscow, but they do have very yummy dim sum, my favourites are the fried taro cake and rice paper prawns. I was so hungry that I only remembered that I had a camera with me, at the end of the meal, so no photos I am afraid. 

You know what shocks me about Hong Kong? Those young mom's with two kids + two helpers. We sat next to a table where two families each had two young kids and each family brought a helper per kid, that is 4 helpers for 4 kids  = completely nuts. The kids were quite bratty and preferred the nannies over their young moms, who in turn were happy to focus on holding their shopping bags and chatting to each other. Seriously!

After the brunch we wondered around the wet market in central. Sometimes I dream, I lived in the countryside, I would wake up early, hop on my bicycle with a huge woven basket and go to the market, pick out the freshest fruit and veg for lunch. I would then ride back and start preparing lunch for a big family, sun would be shining and the air will be fresh. Reality check!!! Hong Kong is too dangerous for bicycles and the air is not fresh and my flat in mid levels is as far removed from a country house as possible. 


When Ice Lemon Tea met the Teal Scones

Last weekend I met up with Sam from Sam is Home, for some tea and photos. It was initially meant to be raining so I dutifully searched the web for things to do in HONG KONG on a rainy day. (Museums, food, shopping and hotels tea were pretty much the suggestions). We chose Tea at the Parlour in Hullet House a beautiful colonial building in TST run by the Aqua group.