Polka Dots and Holidays

It has been a week since my last post, but I have a very justifiable excuse: I am on holiday! Doing nothing but swimming, sleeping and eating like a happy little piglet.

I am now in Portugal having been in Spain with my parents for a week. I arrived in Marbella last Friday night, after traveling for 20 hours. I was so late at the check-in in Hong Kong that I almost missed the flight, but the unusually nice guys at the desk managed to find me a last moment seat and as there were no seats left in economy, even upgraded me. Happy days :) 


Rain and Cocktail Parties

Yep it's still raining here. The best view of the rain is from my office, I am on the 61st floor of the IFC tower and can see all of Kowloon and New Territories. The view on the stormy days from here is mesmerizing: when the dark clouds rush from mainland over the mountains, almost black like giant spider legs, they move slowly rolling over the hills, then as they get closer to the harbour, encouraged by the wind, they speed up and suddenly you get a peak of the giant body behind the legs. Your imagination is running wild, there is something so primal about the power of nature. In a few seconds there nothing but a black wall of rain. You almost feel grateful for being locked up in a man made cement tower. 


HK Bloggers Happy Rainy days and Crochet skirts

This weekend involved  a cocktail party at Elecrtic Sekki for Richard Nicoll, on Friday. 

15 hours of sleep, a detox and an afternoon of meeting  up with other HK bloggers: i.e. the Valerie Soh, Denise and Sam, on Saturday. Sam just introduced me to the other two girls which was absolutely awesome. We met at Cafe Causette and headed to the Old Supreme Court which is one of my favourite buildings in HK. We goofed around for a little bit, took some photos (what else) chit chatted and then I headed off to do some yogi.  


Mongolia tripping

Hey guys hope you had  a nice weekend, so below is a much overdue roundup of my trip to Ulaan Baator or UB as the locals call it.

Mongolia sounds so exotic, so far away, almost like another planet. What have you heard about Mongolia? 

I only knew about the endless green steppe, Genghis Khan, yurts, the lamb oh and the Mongolian barbecue which actually has very little to do with Mongolian real food. After trying to fly out three times. We finally got all the documents we needed and managed to get on the plane. 4 hours later as the plane started the descent, all I could see was a sea of endless green. The airport was tiny and we quickly got through customs, as we left the airport we saw the mesmerising green mountains,  we were right in the middle of a long valley on a two lane road heading to UB .


Richard Nicoll Resort 2012 x HK

Yesterday I got to interview Richard Nicoll which was super fun. The interview happened thanks to the Electric Sekki guys, thank you Priscilla. Check out her blog for info on Richard.

I didn't know what to expect from meeting such a big designer, would he be moody? Diva like? Will I forget all the questions I prepared?

My fears could not be further away from the truth, although I did forget most of the questions. He was relaxed, humble, a little shy and very endearing, extremely creative and intelligent someone who you don't just admire from a creative point of view but whom you want to hang out with and really get to know.


Electric Urban Geisha

What a week! I am writing this as I am sitting on a plane from Beijing to Hong Kong. This morning I left Ulaan Baatar,  I was very sad to leave as I really grew to love the city over the 3 days I spent there. Messy, not obviously beautiful, but growing and changing almost in front of your eyes. The energy is palpable: the space, the mountains, the green steppe, the wide roads there is so much vastness of opportunity it's breathtaking.

At one of my meetings I met a very wise and fascinating man, with ideals, drive and desire to change the world, he mentioned something that really resonated with me: the idea of legacy. If you disappear tomorrow what will you leave behind for those around you, for your children, what will you be remembered by?


Electric Body CON(scious)

Mongolia day 3, I am absolutely loving UB, exhausted from all the meetings and the drinking, but having so much fun.

Outfit 3 is a very tight Body-con dress from Sass & Bide. Since putting on some weight after starting work, I have gradually stopped wearing really tight things, having become a fan of all things flowey, light, layered. I think girls are under ridiculous pressure to be skinny: skinny is associated with happiness, success, even power, it's a sign that you are in control. Control seems to be one of the most desired  traits of the 21st century.


Electric 80's Marie Antoinette

Apologies for running late on my post but I am currently in Mongolia for work, we were third time lucky and finally managed to get onto the flight on Tuesday and upon landing I went straight to a dinner which didn't end until 1am. As you can imagine blogging was out of question by that time. Although I did put the lap top next to my pillow, I passed out upon opening IPhoto :)


Electric Tribal

I have always been fascinated by Africa. There is something raw, dangerous, pure and mysterious about the continent. When I think of Africa I think of Peter Beard with his incredible collages, I think of the baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke, I think of Wole Soyinka whose books I read in my literature class, I think of strength, vibrancy, poise and elegance.  I still have to travel there, yet I cherish the wait allowing my imagination to nurture my patience.


Dreamy Lofts and lots of Fashion: Teasing time

Hey guys it's been a while since I have updated the blog, finally got back into sports (after a very long pause) so been running and doing yoga all week but as a result I have been slacking off on blogging. (I NEED MORE HOURS in a day!)  

So I was meant to be arriving in Mongolia for work right now, but due to some stupid visa misunderstandings we are still in HK. Apparently my boss and I were meant to have the invitation letter with us, instead our colleague left it for us at the Mongolian customs, so by the time we got the letter sent to us, the gate closed :( Now we might be flying through Seoul tomorrow. What a mission!

On a more happy note, yesterday my husband completed a 250km ultra-marathon in the Gobi dessert I am super proud of him, I hope next time I can come with him, BUT as a volunteer photographer not a runner. (If you see the state of his toes and feet you'll know what I mean)

So back to fashion - a few weeks ago I was contacted by a girl called Priscilla, she said she worked in the media communications department of a company called Electric Sekki . So two Saturdays ago she invited me to check out the clothes and style them for a blog. Sounded like a good fashion adventure to me! Adventures like this though are always more fun when you do it with friends. So I invited Sam and at 10 a.m. on a Saturday we headed to the Electric Sekki office in the port of Aberdeen.