Leather Moon over Mumbai

As you have read from my previous post (if you have read it) I am currently on a look out for all things that will help me transition from summer fashion to fall fashion without making me sweat profusely.

Now leather is not the obvious choice, but leather pieces in thin material can actually add some edginess to your autumn wardrobe without jeopardizing your sweat glands :) Now don't get me wrong I am not advising you to put on a pair of leather trousers in the style of Patti Smith and Mick Jagger well not yet at least. I think it is best to stick to loose shorts and skirts. I especially like leather bottoms paired with a shirt. Check out how my friend Samia paired her leather skirt with a jeans shirt making the look girly and edgy at the same time. I am wearing my new babies with a white cut out shirt for a more boyish look.


Defining success

Sometimes I feel like I have two people inside of me: one is introverted and awkward, shy and quiet and scared of change, the other slightly goofy, ridiculously talkative, with a super short attention span and constantly craving new experiences. The two sides tend to pull in different directions although the extroverted side has been winning this year.



The memories of holidays usually blend into one long warm and happy fuzz: beach, drinks, dinners, sleep. There are some days that stand out though, the really special days.


Summer vs Summer

Happy Monday!

This Friday night we did another blogger meet up. I really like where the Hong Kong fashion/blogging scene is moving, there is a palpable excitement, energy, creativity. You really feel this buzz when you speak to people: projects, meet ups, shoots, openings, there is always something happening. It's really amazing to be able to be part of this change and to be getting to know all these fun creative girls and boys. 


Thinking of Fashion but looking for Style: full moon rambles

I am not sure whether it's full moon, holiday hangover or the result of HK heat, but I have been feeling very restless since my trip to Europe and have been having crazy mood swings. One day I am tired, sleepy and bored, the next I am full of nervous energy, thinking of 10 things at a time, dreaming and smiling. I wish I could find peace in my mind, a balance between laziness and excitement.

Listening to Villa Nah Running On on repeat, wish I could have a job as a travel journalist, as I think I am very allergic to any sort of routine.


IF the Hat fits let them wear it ...

When I was growing up fashion was rather awkward and once you chose a style you stuck to it for some time. When I was 12 I loved all things grunge the doc martins, tar tan skirts and chunky bracelets, then came the Spice Girls buffalo shoes, things got better when I got to Spain in late 90's, early 2000's: we wore bell bottoms, anything by Diesel and the height of fashion was wearing green cargo pants with heeled Timberland's and a cropped top, a la "Jenny from the block" ... Nice!


That Summer dress

This Thursday, I had the great pleasure to attend a party that celebrated a new spin on the classic white T-shirt produced in HK. Colonial Goods collaborated with Goods of Desire (G.O.D.) and the Lee Kung Man Knitting Factory to produce these amazing old school classics, for more details on the actual event check out the post by the very charming and cool JJ from the wanderlister. The beautiful photos for the campaign were shot by the incredibly talented Carmen Chan. The party was like a big HK blogger gathering and felt a bit like a university reunion. I also finally got to meet super cute Geneva from apair-andaspare  and Carolyn from hey+pretty+thing who came along with a best blogger accessory, her own photographer boyfriend! Anyways I will post the event photos next week as I still have a backlog of Portugal photos.


Breakfasts, Beaches and Bougainvillea

I have been in Hong Kong for 5 days now, but somehow I already feel like I need another holiday. Markets are all over the place, London is plagued by "shopping-mall" looters and in Europe 'Super mice' resist most poisons :) , what happened to a quiet month of August? On a more positive note, yesterday I went to see THE Red Hot Chilli Peppers in concert which was absolutely amazing. These guys have such incredible energy and presence on stage. Nuts!!! 


Fields, Hedges and Vintage Dresses

Holidays are over and I am now back in Hong Kong.  I think I could easily do with another week, or two, or three in Europe.

On Thursday evening we drove back from Portugal to Spain to catch a flight on Friday morning. It was such a beautiful and peaceful drive: the sun was starting to set and the shadows were getting longer. We were driving through the endless mustard, green and yellow rolling hills, listening to Mumford and Sons and contemplating the return to reality.


Jumping Boats

Whenever I come to Spain, every morning, I tend to go for a beach walk with my dad (unless I go out the night before that is :) We walk along the beach, past apartment blocks and villas, we chat about all and nothing, the sun is just rising, there is a breeze and the air is still fresh, as the unbearable heat of the day is just getting its strengths together, and in these early hours the holidays seem endless. 

As we went for our customary walk on my second day in Spain, I noticed these colourful fishing boats on the beach. I love bright colours, they always associate for me with summer, the sea and holidays. I called my best friend straight away and asked her if she wanted to join me for some photos. She was up for it, which couldn't have been better. She is French Algerian and has an incredible style, she is never scared of trying something new, pushing the limits, she has an inert sense of chic about her, that one can only be born with. 


Good Friends and Tapas

The other day I was thinking about real friendships.

Friendship for me is like an array of intangible bonds that build over time, these bonds are tested by distance and hardships, they are tested by happiness and sadness. These bonds evolve, as we grow and change, yet once in place these bonds are some of the most precious things we have in our lives.