Post Event hangover

Just saw the photos from our blogging project! I cannot wait to show them to you, Sam (the creative genius), myself and Sybil have spent at least a month talking about this pretty much everyday. The thing about events is that you work so hard to make it work, you plan, look for inspiration, speak to sponsors, think, talk, brainstorm, and then in a blink of an eye it's all over. All you have is a post-event hangover. The feeling is bittersweet and somewhat nostalgic, it's as if a small void has suddenly opened. Yet the capacity for my brain to multitask is exhausted and a much needed break is actually really welcome. 


Things that Matter ...

It's been a long week. We just finished a very exciting project with ASOS that I will tell you all about very very soon. All I can say for now I am in a sugar coma, as I have spent all afternoon eating cakes, hanging out with my favourite HK blogger ladies and taking endless photos.


Attempts at Wardrobe Rehab!

My wardrobe is a complete and utter mess. Don't get me wrong it's tidy and arranged by bottoms, tops, dresses, work stuff etc, but I probably wear 20% of it (maximum) and there are the naughty draws that store all those things "I might wear one day". Most of the things don't match and getting ready for work or for dinner always takes longer than it should. I am a hopeless compulsive & impulsive shopper and there is little structure to my buying patterns. To sum it up I need help.


Spinning Away

Up on a hill as the day dissolves
With my pencil turning moments into life

One by one , all the stars appear
As the great winds of the planet spiral in

Spinning away, like the night sky
In the million insect storm, the constellations form
On a hill, under a raven sky


AntsBots and Ziggy Stardust

Last night I was sitting on the terrace on the 27th floor in my flat, watching the sunset contemplating life. It's incredible how many people you can fit into a square mile. Next to me is a skyscraper, opposite are another 5: people are watching TVs, making dinner, hosting barbecues, nursing their hangovers (yesterday was a public holiday), some are playing with kids, others maybe even blogging. We are like a hundred of ants all boxed up into these cement towers. Minding our own business, loving, living. The modern society is such a complex ants nest, a seemingly perfect mechanism, where human antbots live in their little bubbles of happiness and sadness.


P. Dot Dot Dot

Confidence, the elusive confidence. The older I get the more I feel how little I know and how little I understand. I keep on thinking that soon, next month, next year I will be slimmer, taller (maybe not but would be nice), less anxious, wiser, with a cooler job. I always think that confidence will be something I will gain in the future. Tomorrow will be the day I will really like myself. I never look back at achievements or "pat myself on the back", not in a smug oh I am so good way, but in a "stop being so hard on yourself every second way". 



Ok so I am going to admit it now: there is only one place I want to be right now and no it's not the beach (for once) it's the NYFW. Have you seen all the awesome photos of day 1? I really loved the BCBG collection, the colour combination, the architectural shapes, the modern Grecian feel lightness and the Richard Chai LOVE collection. I have a feeling it's going to be all about knee length next season. So who are you following: tweets? Blogs? Online Magazines? I am keeping it simple:


A Guide to a Very Lazy Saturday in HK

Some weekends I like hiking, wake boarding and escaping from Hong Kong. Other weekends I just feel like being lazy staying in the city, sleeping in late and relaxing.

Below is my quick guide to a lazy city weekend!

1. Sleep in very late. This one is a must!

2. Take ages to leave the house: have a long shower or a bath, test out that scrub and face mask, maybe organize that jewelry draw.


Workwear Lady-like Tribal

Happy Sunday guys, hope you are having a good weekend, so here are a few photos I took over lunchtime last week. 

Office wear at my workplace is rather drab and pretty peculiar to say the least. Aside from one lady who has a penchant for Kenzo style skinny trousers and tunics in bright colors and a few girls who have quite a pretty lady-like style, the majority stick to rather uninspiring ensembles.


Scalloped Stripes and Colonial Goods

This is a very delayed post, but I finally found the camera chip with the photos from the Colonial Goods party we were invited to by Carmen Chan

I really like Carmen's style there is something very dreamy about it. I just finished Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore and I really feel that Carmen's aesthetics fits the Murakami style: clean, slightly overexposed, no sharp lines, light, airy, almost intangible. What I really like about Carmen's work is the use of light, she captures the whiteness, grabbing the particles of light from the air with her objective and then compresses them onto the print. I like the less is more approach. Murakami's writing is like that it has a nostalgic melancholy about it, and a certain simple complexity.