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Another crazy week! Parents came into town on Wednesday and Friday we left for Bali to celebrate my husband's 30th (getting sooooo old!!!).  I have been working, entertaining my parents, devouring dim-sum and running between events. Oh and of course eating macaroons and chocolates that my parents kindly brought me. (Thanks guys just when I need to work on a bikini body, you bring two bags of sweets!)


Russian Dolls Ulyana

I am sure you have seen Ulyana together with the other Russia's hottest fashion exports (Mira, Vika, Natasha, Elena). Her pin up style: the head scarf a-la hot babushka, her kitch elegance, like a Russian Ditta Von Tease, but with much more versatility, makes her super hard to miss.


Pirates and other Ps and Zs

I love dress up parties - it's a way to be a kid again and/or a way to impersonate Anna dello Russo, without your friends thinking you have completely lost the plot. The theme of the party we did two weeks ago, was P & Z (the initials  of the bday boy).


Hey boys ....Hi Mr. Porter ...

Despite my endless love for Garance, Scott and Ivan, my latest favourite read is Mr Porter.

I think it must be the fashion hangover from the September visual bacchanalia where every blog I read has been posting photos of the editors, bloggers, well dressed punters with round Karen Walkers and Prada swirl sunglasses and flatform creepers  (%%$!!!) and crazy prints and color overblocking and polka dots with flowers and and and...  


Practical Guide to Tea Parties

Let's start with the credits: Check out Sam's write up of behind the scenes it's absolutely brilliant (spot the fox picture :) Also thank you to JJ @ the Wanderlister for his interview and a write up about our project and to the Sassy girls  and to Daniel Kong and Anywearstyle for featuring us. 


Typhoon N8 + Urban survivors

My first typhoon. I have been hearing stories about this much welcome boogeyman ever since I moved to Hong Kong two years ago. The main appeal of it being the fact that  no one has to go to work. In fact according to HK government one should:


HK Bloggers Tea Party Video

ASOS X HONG KONG Bloggers - Tea Party from Nathan Wong on Vimeo.

Hey guys,

So exciting to see all the ASOS posts going up across all the girl's blogs, makes me feel so proud of all the hard work! Below is the video that Nathan Wong and his awesome crew made for us. I love how all these little moments are captured on camera: Sybil's fox, my two sausages getting a cameo, the group photo and that cake cutting (pure food porn), as well as all our cameras in one big pile on the table. Time frozen frames for our memory box, that make me wish I could do it all over again!

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it and remember to VOTE on this LINK for the best outfit for your chance to win a 250GBP ASOS voucher! Both the winner blogger and the reader will get 250GBP to spend!

So exciting!


ASOS x HK Bloggers Tea Party 2011

It was this June that Sam first mentioned to me a Tea party proposal she sent to ASOS. The idea behind this was to take the collaboration between social media and a global fashion retailer a step further from a standard affiliate programme to a more subtle partnership. As for me, well fashion and tea combined sounded like a divine combination. A few weeks later Sam confirmed that ASOS gave us the go ahead. 

Time has it's own pace, it speeds up the closer you get to the due date: the last month coming up to the event was especially hectic, we were looking for sponsors, brainstorming the layout, looking for birdcages and thinking of how to implement Sam's amazing tea party ideas. Flowers, cakes, scones, media and endless back and forth of emails. Then in just a few hours it was all over: a crazy carousel of videos, photographs, endless cakes, laughs and more cakes.

I will tell you more about behind the scenes in the next week's post, as for now here are the photos of the party!

Why a tea party in Hong Kong? 
Taken from Sam's proposal "A city caught between its European history and Chinese governance, Hong Kong is a metropolis whose heritage lies in both English and Chinese influences. While taking afternoon tea is uniquely a British past time, the Chinese also have a custom of having ‘dim sum’ (meaning ‘point of heart’). Afternoon tea has also become a tourist activity in the city, attracting visitors to the iconic Peninsula Hotel to enjoy scones and a live string quartet. The ASOS X HK blogger tea party will bring the two cultures together into one- blending British high street fashion with Hong Kong’s unique identity."

Sam (Sam is home)
ME :) 
Denise (Superwowomg)
Sybil (The Style Voyager)
Geneva (A Pair & A Spare)
Christing C (Fashionhedonism)

The competitive collaboration/ASOS.

ASOS provided 100GBP for each of us to chose an outfit that best reflected our style.  I really wanted to wear the Gold Cuffs similar to the ones I saw on the Michael Kors S/S 2011 catwalk and fell in love with the Gold Collar tips, while browsing through the website I also saw this perfect boyfriend's shirt, and  green skinny jeans. I have always been a fan of the jewel colours.  To finish it all off  nothing is better than a pair of grey comfy platforms. 

The outfit is simple, clean and boyish but with a fun twist, exactly what I like! 

Now that I look at the photos I realize that these are probably more the colours of S/S 2012 and not really winter colours. Although I know I'll be wearing this with a chunky jumper once it gets more cold in Hong Kong :)


To make this more interesting for you (and sorry we couldn't invite all of you to the party) we partnered up with ASOS  to give you a chance to win 250GBP  ASOS voucher!

All you need to do is click on this LINK  and vote for your favourite outfit.  Yep it's just that simple. A random reader will then be chosen. The winners will be announced in two weeks! Hope you have a good week and remember to vote!

P.S. A very special thank you goes to Carmen Chan our photographer and friend and  VERO Chocolates and Cafe Loisl for their absolutely incredible cakes. In Cafe LOISL you must try the mini carrot cakes and the prailine cheesecake, in VERO I would be greedy and just go for the set of 10 cakes!

All photos featured in this post aside from the cake photos of Vero & Cafe Loisl are courtesy of Carmen Chan


Just teasing you...

I am so excited, so here is the behind the scenes video for our HK bloggers project.
Check back on the 3rd of October for  the real deal! There will be tea and competition and you will be able to participate! Cannot tell you much more, but one more day to go!

Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!!!!

Special thanks to all HK bloggers, especially Sam, Sybil and Denise who worked together to make this happen!