Light-scapes & Dries VN

On Tuesday I was invited to a party with one of the greatest designers of our times Dries van Noten. I have always loved his work, the mixes of luxe, sporty and elegant, there is nothing kitch about him, pure simplicity of shapes, simple explicitly of prints.


Rags Bones and Kit Kats

Last week was so busy, since my boss resigned, my workload has pretty much tripled, so blogging was off the cards for most of the week. Long hours at the bank, equaled complete lack of energy to post. So this weekend was an absolutely perfect way to relax and get ready for the madness to come. The weekend involved an awesome country club in China, hairy crab (my first), more pecan pies, turkey, karaoke in English, Mandarin and Cantonese (I skipped the last two :),  massages, facials, and a good dozen of episodes of Modern Family. Heaven!


Pecan Pies and other Roasts

Becoming a mindful shopper is like going on a diet. You suddenly start craving sugar and carbs for breakfast.  Sunday morning as I re-read my last post I had a little panic attack: what am I going to be writing about? What designers are actually sustainable? Where will I buy clothes? Can you be a mindful shopper in Hong Kong? Can one still window shop? What about the small brands in HK that are mostly Made in China, yet are unique and different.


Re-working, re-cycling, re-thinking

A few weeks/ weekends away from Hong Kong in places with no shopping malls or WIFI  led me to a stark realization that I became this crazy consumer machine. Being a fashion blogger makes you constantly buy/want/talk clothes, living and working in Hong Kong makes the buying an easy life necessity. 


10 Crosby

Why I like Derek Lam 10 Crosby Resort? Because it very 70's, because I love pajama pants, because it's a little bit Celine, because it's very simple, because I love well-made diffusion lines. All photos from the shopbop lookbook.


New Beginnings and Taiwan

Ok so the reason why I have been MIA again, is because I was deciding what to do with my blog, I decided to split my travel stories from TlikeBubbleTea and created a new blog solely dedicated to travel TlikeBubbleTravel hope you guys will come to visit me on my travel blog. So BubbleTea will be mostly dedicated to fashion and design. While BubbleTravel will be dedicated to food and travel.


Central/Central First Video Campaign

I have been useless at updating my blog, have been traveling non-stop and accumulating more and more photos. The actual notion of going through all of them is driving me crazy and every time I start I get extremely overwhelmed. So while I am sorting out through the photos I will show you a campaign I did for very cool store called CENTRAL/CENTRAL (the old HMV in the Landmark). The store houses different brands such as Karen Miller, Steve Madden and my favourite Nine West.


Gold Collars and Cuffs

What a crazy busy week, although I  still have little bits of "Bali zen" surviving in me. This week has been about projects planning with my favorite HK bloggers, considering a new part time degree (in Environmental Management, believe it or not :) and trying to eat healthy after all the holiday excesses. 


Mary, Roksanda, Todd, Nicolas et al

What could be more incredible than having all the coolest London designers under one roof in Hong Kong on a Monday evening? The list below reads like a dream manual to all the most talented names of the British fashion scene:   

E. Tauz Erdem Jonathan Saunders Marios Schwab Mary Katrantzou Nicholas Kirkwood Peter Pilotto Roksanda Ilincic Todd Lynn


Another store party JOYCE

I got back from Bali on Sunday. It has been an amazing week: surfing, rafting, sleeping, partying, more surfing, driving around on scooters, sunset watching and a lot of eating. I apologize for not posting updates but the Internet access was rather patchy and I really needed a good rest from all the fashion shenanigans. It’s strange to be back in the shopping heaven of Hong Kong: being in the middle of the jungle switches off your spending mind. You wear a sarong and read books, there is no need to buy something every two minutes. As you return to Hong Kong, you feel ambushed by the amount of adverts, every two seconds you see another beautiful image of something you need to own. Eating and shopping: the convenient consumer utopia at its best. My first reaction was to jump on the plane back to Bali. That unfortunately was not an option.