Recess, rewind ...

Merry Christmas, hope you had an amazing weekend with your family, friends and food :)

I am a little late with my post, but I have a very good excuse. I have spent this Christmas in Belgium with my hubster's family, stuffing myself with gingerbread almond cookies, chocolates and croissants, chit-chatting and sleeping. We left Hong Kong last Friday night and we got back today. Annoyingly, I managed to catch  a terrible flu, so at the moment I am lying in bed being a vegetable.


Running on

Days are getting shorter and more hectic and sunrises are getting more vivid. In the morning I struggle to get out of bed, I make cocoons out of the blanket and dream of sleeping in and spending hours in front of a fire with a hot chocolate. The smell of gingerbread latte is becoming slightly nauseating and the anxiety of the last days before Christmas is setting in.


My Christmas Wish List :)

So when I was thinking of the gifts I would love to receive/give I wanted to find unique, sustainable, special presents, with a story and in most cases a brilliant design idea behind them. Below is my list. I know I am a little late and there is only one week left till Christmas, but I just had to share these really cool brands that I found with you. Hope you are having a fun weekend and are being more efficient than me with your shopping!


10 Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM

2 weeks left till Christmas. How did time fly by so quickly? It's gotten really cold in Hong Kong so it finally feels like winter. The Christmas carols playing in every shop have stopped annoying me, in the mornings I just want to sleep in till very late, I am consuming copious amount of gingerbread, hazelnut and other syrupy soya lattes, I got my UGGs out (for indoors only :), I am craving warm soups and stews for lunch and I am loving every single moment of this cosy, but busy time. So I am going to jump on the bandwagon and share with you a gift list. 


Work + Travel

What is life, but a collection of simple moments; smells, sights, colours, memories. Don't you love waking up in morning knowing the day is about to bring you a little adventure? I love the anticipation of change, I am a change addict, monotony tires me, it numbs me, makes me frustrated. Change and movement give life. 



The cold has arrived in Hong Kong.  Now to be fair 15 degrees is not exactly winter in non-tropical country terms, yet it is a big drop for the Hong Kong inhabitants especially as it happened overnight. I think the closer you are to the equator the less subtle are the temperature changes. Over two days it can go from 25 to 15.