Food Glorious Food

I am dearly missing my parents and the dry weather in Moscow. Hong Kong is being stupidly humid which is wrecking havoc on my hair.  At work yesterday I got one of those childish moments where I wanted to get up and leave. Working in a corporate environment is sometimes very difficult, it kills creativity and make everything revolve around money. This world is about profits, strategies, budgets. In fact in most industries your success tends to be measured by how much your "so-called talent" can generate, whether that talent is making a dress that people would pay 10,000USD for, or selling some shares.

Part of growing up is realising work sometimes means doing things you might not find 100% amazing or interesting. This is where my new years resolution gets called into question. Being grateful and appreciating every moment is such a trivial and somewhat cliched resolution. The power of now and so forth, sounds cheesy, but nothing is worse than constant negativity. Whenever my moany depressive side tries to creep out of that dark corner where I keep pushing it, I work hard to kick it back in its place. Sometimes I may fail, but other times I will succeed.

Sorry for this little monologue, I had to get it off my chest.

Back to the Moscow food orgy that I have been engaged in shamelessly for 5 days. My dad has a theory that if the fridge closes then something is wrong. Therefore the fridge must be stuffed with  anything under the sun. Some of the food one can find in my Moscow flat includes: croissants, famous rye bread, dark nut bread, chocolates, caviar, yogurts, cottage cheese, fruits and every kind of ice cream one can imagine from apple cinnamon, to dark cherry to Belgian caramel chocolate (not Russian, but my dad has a sweet tooth) and I can go on for hours....
Everywhere I looked there was something I wanted to eat. Freshly baked bread, my big weakness, (Russians will die without their bread) seemed to surround me. 


Only one thing can knock off bread of its pedestal for me and that is of course cake. Nothing, in turn, can come close to a home made cake! This one was an apfelstrudel. Seeing it made from scratch in front of my eyes at our friends house was absolutely amazing! I love watching the cooking process, especially baking. There is something so hearty and comforting and meditative about making the dough, kneading it with your hands and then watching it turn crispy brown in the oven. (NB: must learn to bake in February!)

Food & Flower Markets 

Since I started this blog I have grown to appreciate markets, industrial landscapes, colours and shapes. Being in Hong Kong I learned to seek beauty in everyday objects the city inspired me to appreciate the mundane, the simple, the habitual.

As a result this time in Moscow, I wanted to see places I wouldn't have take my camera to before, such as the food market. Koreans have lived in Moscow for many years and given the Russian's love of pickling everything from cabbage to apples: kimchi has become a national dish, I was dying to take photos of their stands, but was not allowed to take any photos without a license. (Moscow can be very strange!) Few other stallholders were a little more kind and therefore allowed me to take pictures of their goodies. My favourite discovery was a pile of rose petals in a plastic crate lying against the grey tiles. There was something gut wrenching in the sight of these lonely delicate petals, shoved against the industrial ugliness of the tiled wall. 

A special mention goes to dried fish. How to preserve food in a very cold winter? By pickling, by freezing and by drying! Dried fish or vobla is a rather specials delicatessen with a unique smell as far removed from the rose petals as one can imagine.

Hope you get hungry looking at the photos and get inspired to cook or bake something!

As for me? Here I am, 2 kilos heavier, fighting post holiday blues, salivating about the sinful excesses of family holidays. How do you spend your holiday times? Are your parents as naughty as mine, when it comes to feeding you?

Wearing: new Monki necklace, Sass & Bide jeans, Massimo Dutti jumper, Comptoir de Cotonniers belt. Last photo denim shirt by Zara, jacket Prada (stole from mom)


  1. Oh my! I'm salivating just looking at that Apfelstrudel!! Yummo!

    I love staying at my parent's place - well, i still call it home - they really do over feed you & spoil you. I love it. Makes me feel like a kid again.

    ~ Clare x

  2. The picture with the roses is so adorable, they are so neat and compact!

    I love the last photo of you and your dad, the different poses are hilarious, you too look so cute together.

  3. fantastic pictures....i love the colors....it seems hong kong was so grey last week...at least the sun has returned. i know exactly how you feel about missing your parents....and your family. it's hard. i love how you've belted your sweater. i'm doing the same thing today!

  4. Your dad has a really good theory, haha. The food photographs look so delicious! (Food orgies at home are always the best!) I've never had apfelstrudel before, but I'm feeling quite keen to try it out once I go back home. Good luck with learning how to bake this month, Tania! Hope you've been having a lovely week xx