Geeks & Hipsters

As the days are getting colder all I want to do is eat stews and congee, sleep and read, I just want to become a bear in hibernation, alas that is of course not an option. How do you guys manage to stay active in winter? Is there a trick against winter lazyness?

On a more fun note here are the promised photos from Friday night. What a night! I think I may still be recovering from the celebration. I am a huge fan of having parties at home; why go to a club, when you can choose the guest list, surrounding yourself with all your dear friends, plus you can pick the music and the food.

The really fun part of the party was having all guests dressed up in their "takes" on geeks&hipsters. The bloggers opted for checkered shirts, leather, ripped denims. The non/bloggers were less committed and just stuck to hipster glasses.
As I started getting quite dizzy from my hipster spectacles (too many shots ) I ended up removing  the glass part and just leaving the frames. I find the giant glasses look really adorably ironic (and a little silly) and am contemplating getting the ones from Prism. What do you think???

As for the food, I didn't have time to cook, so I opted for Vietnamese take away from Nha Trang for starters (think fresh spring rolls, satay, crab tempura), nachos and pop corn for snacking (popcorn in silver cups is a great decoration) and for the mains I ordered my favourite BBQ ribs and corn breads from Magnolia private kitchen. For cake - it was my ultimate obsession du jour, the humble Pecan Pie, plus oatmeal cookies and green tea and melon Kit Kats. All that was washed down by champagne, shots and green tea.

It wasn't all fun & games though, as my fantastic neighbour started calling the cops at 11pm, apparently she is an insomniac who lives with her parents. As a result we had to lower the volume for half of the party. (Note to self: invite the whole family to the next party)

P.S. Yesterday I was starstruck for the first time in a very very long while. I attended the LC s/s 12 preview and got to speak to Taylor Tomasi Hilll :)))) Fashion heaven alert!!!!

Photos coming tomorrow! 
Outfit: Insight shorts, very old Topshop shirt, Denise's glasses, 5 year old braces from Joseph, 4 year old boots Marc Jacobs. Photos courtesy of HungryHk

P.s.s. Check out my bloggies Priscilla,  Carmen Cindy, Christing and Denise


  1. Great to hear you had a great birthday party, loved the geeks and hipster theme how very east London :P sorry I couldn't be there :S

  2. Those kitkats sound amazing! How did I manage to miss them when I only got back from HK yesterday :(
    Looks like a great party - happy belated birthday :)

  3. Not a good moment to look at these pictures since I'm on a diet and right now I feel like eating my computer :) But this looks like one hell of a party ;) Great theme btw. xoxo

  4. it looks like such fun. i love taylor tomasi-hill....her style is amazing. so jealous that you had an encounter with her!!



  5. Happy belated birthday. Looks like fun....the geeks & hipsters theme was a good idea. You girls look amazing.

    xoxo (till next time)

  6. Ah, I love how you and the other bloggers dressed– your party looks like it was full of oodles of good food and fun. (And um...green tea/melon kit kats are the best!) Denise's spectacles are adorable on you, a bit campy, but it would be nice to see you wear them again (: Thanks for sharing all of these photographs and I can't wait to hear about the preview and meeting Taylor Tomasi Hill!!

  7. Happy belated birthday! The party looked heaps fun, really love the glasses. Ultra trendy and the barbeque ribs too!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Tania! Looks like you had a very awesome time!

    ~ Clare x