Happy 2012 and a Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy New Years to you and all your loved ones! 

Let this new year bring us happiness, luck, inspiration, new encounters and new travels and lots of love. I was actually meant to post this yesterday, but I got absolutely tied up in a mission to tidy up my house. (I am talking about a major master cleanse that generated 10 kilos of rubbish, magazines, boxes, 3 promotional gym bags, old kites, kitchen appliances... the list is shockingly endless and we are still half way through the process, next target is my wardrobe). 

It was a beautiful end to the year, as I had the most peaceful and chilled New Year's Eve with my husband. We opened a bottle of champagne, chit chatted about all and nothing and watched the fireworks. I made tuna avocado tar tare, and ribs (ok the latter were actually a take away) and we finished with a pecan pie.  It was a very relaxing way to end a ridiculously hectic year. (Check out my Instgram @tlikebubbletea for the photos :)

I am not good at reflections, I focus too much on the future, forgetting to pause and think, so to keep with the New Year tradition, let's reflect! What an amazing year! Like a roller coaster it flew by, in a simple blink of en eye. Along the way I started a new job, travelled to the most amazing countries (Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc), lost some people along the way, but found some amazing new friends. I have been blessed with an incredible family, a crazy inspiring husband and two sweetest little sausage dogs. It wasn't all bliss though, as I lost my great uncle and his son within a space of a month and one of my really close family members was diagnosed with an evil illness, yet her strength and courage and love of life have become an endless source of inspiration to me,  reminding me  that even in times of real darkness there is always space for light in our hearts.

My NYE resolutions are to live in the present, to be more kind to those around me, to make the most of every opportunity, to learn to be grateful and to not be scared of change!

I feel like I have finally found peace in my mind, or at least have gotten much closer to it and I want to thank all those in my life for being there for me.

In the Christmas madness I have actually managed to forget this Blogs's Birthday. On the 22nd of December 2010 I wrote my first post. It has been a really incredible experience, I have tried my hand at writing about design, art, food, travel and of course fashion. The latter allowed me to meet some awesome new friends, try on lots of amazing clothes, meet really talented people and even star in a real advert.  Thank you so so so much for sticking with me on my journeys, reading my long-winded posts (I have never been known for being concise), and sharing with me your thoughts. This blog would be nowhere without you! Thank you!

HAPPY 2012!!!!!

P.S. These are the remaining photos from my Belgium trip. I was looking forward to it for almost a month and it's already been a week since I have been back. It was really amazing to just spend time with my second family, have long brunches, followed by afternoon naps in front of the chimney, it was so simple and relaxing to just be surrounded by people who you love. Thank you Mama, Papa, Steph and Scott and all the the others who made this trip so special! Love you to bits!


  1. what a beautiful pics! I like it very much!! I wish you a happy new year!! A kiss, Mony

  2. Happy new year and happy birthday! I love how concise your new year resolution is, definitely the motto I want to live by this year. x

  3. Talk about dream house in Belgium. I don't see any pictures of chocolates though... where are them truffles???

  4. Oh that's great - Happy Birthday!!

  5. such gorgeous photos! love what you wrote..live the moment :)

  6. I loved this! Thanks for sharing :) I think we could all use a little more reflection & appreciate what we have. Gorgeous photos by the way! Happy belated birthday & happy new year!

    <3 from San Francisco

  7. Aha! It seems we are on a similar path with our resolutions!! What an exciting journey we are both on for 2012!!

    Happy new Year!

    ~ Clare x

  8. amazing photos! love mini minnetonkas!

  9. Happy belated 1st anniversary for your blog and New Year. What a fantastic way to welcome the new year. I couldn't agree more with your statement. 2011 hasn't been without its ups and downs but that's what makes life interesting, isn't it? Personally, I think drinking in excess and loud parties are over-rated. I love your close up photos which pin point things of interest.

  10. Happy New Year, love! <333 Here's to 2012.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. whatta sweet holiday! such lovely light in every photo~
    A deep cleanse always leaves one feeling fresh and brand new, right? Good luck with all the cleaning and reorganizing!
    Thanks so much for all your feedback. You're always genuine and such a sweetheart :D
    Happy 2012, and can't wait to read more blog posts!
    And Happy Bday Tlikebubbletea!

  12. Happy new year! I'm doing the same here: cleaning my house from top to bottom. A good thing to do at the start of the year. Happy blog anniversary my lovely. Glad to have stumbled my way here;-)

  13. Happy 1st anniversary for 'T like Bubble Tea'! Have a great start of the year!

    Happy New Year!


  14. food looks amazing!
    happy new year

  15. But household cleanups are really good! Your house is going to look so spick and spack when the list is done! Happy new years and congrats on the blog's birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely NYE and definitely quite the adventure this past year; I'm looking forward to reading more of your adventures this year as well. Yay for more photographs from Belgium and have a great rest of the week (:

  16. Happy New Year. I hope you achieve all your goals for 2012. I totally need to work on living in the present more too.

  17. such wonderful pictures! everyone is dressed so well! Happy New Year and thank you for following my blog! I am going to have to find you on Instagram now - I'm totally addicted!