I am getting older ... more Birthdays

I am a year older! What? How did that happen? Can't I just be 18 or at least 20 forever? Time is spinning out of control more and more every year.
To be honest being born right after the New Years (on the 4th of January), is kind of crap: people are tired, they have started their post Christmas detox and are really not in the mood to celebrate.  So to cheer everyone up from the post-holiday blues I decided that it would be good to host a fancy dress party tomorrow - the theme is geeks&hipsters, I know kinda lame, but a little bit of cheese never hurt anyone, right? (I mean it could have been worse... like pimps & ho's or superheroes or .... ).

I Love Birthdays, because you get to eat cake all day long, you get flowers delivered to the office and you get speak to all your favourite people who live all over the world all in one day. Happy days basically! I didn't do much last night just a yoga class and a dinner at home with booboo and the dogs (no don't worry they weren't eating with us, just napping under the table), as I am saving my energy for tomorrow night. Cannot wait to see everyones costumes!
To sum up the last few months - I have put together a collage of all my favourite photos, random snippets of my days: sunsets and sunrises, food, fashion, hiking, travel, HK summers and winters, dogs, my hubby, dress up parties = my Life through Instagram! (I am completely addicted by the way.)

P.S. As for getting older they say women really start feeling confident and comfortable in their skin by the age of 30, therefore I have a whole three years before I become a real elegant, confident grown up, so for now let's play?!

TGIT! Thank god it's finally Thursday!



  1. Happy birthday,hon!I wish you all the best!

  2. Happy happy birthday!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Happy Birthday! I think geeks & hipsters sounds like a fun idea. Although there is not much difference between them nowadays is there? Have a blast! Can't wait to see the photos!

  4. happy birthday!!! my daughter's birthday is the 3rd.....it hardly feels like she's had a chance to enjoy all her christmas pressies and then she's opening more! it's fun though. hope you enjoyed your day. have a great party....

  5. happy birthday dear
    i just turned another year older too
    your photos are making me miss hk

  6. I adore those photos of your sausages.... their sleeping positions are the cutest! Happy birthday- let's celebrate again when I return.

  7. Happy Birthday!
    LOVE the gold collar! How does it close? Like a cuff?
    And great manicure. Perfect.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday T! Hope you have a jolly ole time at your bday party :) What a fun idea to have a theme! loves it.
    the sausages and their little tummies, too cute :D
    and you look way younger btw~
    lovin the slew of instagrams. that thing is indeed super addictive~
    ooh green tea kitkat..gotta try some of that one day.

  9. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you have been eating well this year! I hope you had a lovely and very relaxing day and that you have an absolutely fantastic time at your themed party; sounds like the best way to celebrate your birthday and get people excited post-holidays. (If you want, you can turn 20 with me this year, but I'd imagine being post-college must be fun ^^)

  10. I love birthdays too! Happy belated birthday to you! :D I always stress out too much over my own though, boo :( I feel like I have it at a pretty good time of year - Feb 3 so it's still summer here, but it's a good month after the whole Xmas/NY thingy.

    Love the theme, hope you had a great time!

  11. Your birthday party sounds like so much fun! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Your blog makes me miss HK and I'm totally craving Green tea kit kats! Luckily we still have some that we bought in HK a few months ago!

  12. My brother's birthday is the 4th, too. I always like it because I get to enjoy a special meal or do something fun, too.

  13. I love these photos! Your dogs are so adorable :) Happy belated birthday!

    <3 from San Francisco

  14. Happy Birthday, Tania! My cousin's little boy was born 4 days ago so basically both you and him share the same birthday. Your life sounds fabulous and exciting. Best wishes and regards for the upcoming year!

  15. Beautiful photos!


  16. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had great party!
    To tell you the truth I wouldn't want to go back being 18 or 20. My best years started when I hit 27 and with every year it's getting better and better!

    Your dog is so cute!