Lane Crawford S/S 2012 x Taylor Tomasi Hill

How often do you get starstruck? This Tuesday I was starstruck when I met Taylor Tomasi Hill, the tiny amazingly dressed style icon of the fashion world.  I felt like a teenager beyond myself with excitement, I have seen her on so many blogs in the last two years; her style always perfect, structured, edgy, sporty, slightly boyish, basically exactly the description of my perfect imaginary wardrobe. Lane Crawford hosted a beautiful S/S 2012 preview together with Taylor in their awesome loft space in Aberdeen.
Taylor designed a mini capsule collection with Sarah Rutson for Lane Crawford, including the white crochet/neon skirt she is wearing above. While some pieces in the collection were contested by the critics, I thought the collection was eclectic and fun and represented Taylor's style. My favourite pieces were the two skirts, the one above and the one with chunky sequins she is wearing at the bottom of the post.

So back to Tuesday on the day I woke up with a panic attack not knowing what to wear. I was going to the preview over lunchtime during work hours and had to wear something that would be ok for the office and ok for a fashion event, I settled on black jeans (Sass&Bide), a printed Mongolian scarf + spiky (ZARA) jacket. In hindsight it was a weird choice and the scarf made me look double my size especially next to super tiny Taylor. I guess we all make strange choices once in a while.

(NOTE to self 1. Things that are too loosely draped make you look bigger in photos.)
(NOTE to self 2. Do not ever stand in front of people who are half the size of you in photo.)

CarmenDenise and her really cute sister Natasha or SHA came along to the preview too, so we spent a few minutes checking out the clothes. Next season is all about prints (silk prints, pyjama pant prints, structured print dresses), neon colours, pastels (think candy, hoola hoops, tropical islands), nautical and structured all white looks.

As I am still trying my best to be a mindful shopper, I am continuing my wardrobe re-organisation and making sure I know
every item in my mess of a wardrobe. The thing is you can adapt most of your old clothes to the current season, by remixing them. My goal is to avoid running into a high street store and buying every single thing I like this spring. (I have done ok so far, avoiding the sales completely having only bought 1 item in the last 3 weeks, a timeless grey felt skirt from Club Monaco, if you ask). In fact my goal this Spring is only to buy a few quality investment pieces that will last.

The pieces that I would invest in right now are a coloured cashmere sweater in yellow or lime and a print piece(s) by Prabal Gurung. His collection blew my mind last September and seeing it on a hanger in all it's beautiful psychedelic super bright glory was incredible. The jackets, the tops, the exquisite silk shorts, it is unbelievable how delicate and beautiful materials can feel.
So back to Taylor, she was funny sweet and down to earth. My favourite Lai sisters prepared questions and Denise did an impromptu interview. For more details check her blog: just to sum it up Taylor is collecting vintage glass bottles, her first pair of shoes was Kors by Michael Kors and if her house was on fire she would leave the clothes to burn ("they are just clothes at the end of the day" as she said) and would save her photographs.

Follow her on twitter for more updates of her travels around Southeast Asia and check out the LaneCrawford website to see the full collection. Let me know which pieces did you like? x


  1. OMG!!! I have to say many OMG OMG!!! how lucky your guys!!!!love your this post, from the beginning to the end, love the collection, love everything! :D speechless,,,seriously...

  2. How tall would you say she is? because in some pictures she looks tall (esp ones when she's on her own) but in others she's not so!
    And you don't look that big!

  3. Omg these are stunning! Hahaha it's ok you were standing in front of her so naturally anyone would appear bigger. Hopefully I can see this collabo in person when I return!


  4. You look fine! Don't be so hard on yourself, Taylor looks squished at the back, hence looking extra tiny.

    I love the idea of neon under a crochet skirt. I have a plain chocolate one, I'm tempted to add a layer of neon pink underneath now. I am also loving the tribal print skirt with the metallic stripes, another DIY project I'd say.

  5. Great blog and pics:)
    kisses from NY.

  6. Oh my goodness!! Seriously amazing, Tania, it must have been a wonderful experience! (Your caption in the last photograph seems amazingly accurate towards how it must've been haha.) Loving the collection and everything about this post– she seems like she's quite sweet in person and I can tell you were really happy :D

  7. Love the electrifying purple floral Prabal print!
    And I cannot believe you met Taylor Tomasi. She is one of my idols
    So lucky! I'm so glad you said she was lovely and down to earth. Hope you had a blast at the event.

    Mel x

  8. ooo wow! I would love to meet both of them...Sarah and Taylor....great ladies with great styles. And you look absolutely amazing, no need to question that.

  9. I am just oozing with delight & jealousy! I love the way you styled your scarf -- tres chic. I always assumed TTH would be incredibly tall. I'm loving her skirt :)

    <3 from San Francisco

  10. great fashion post! taylor tomasi...she has got such a firm grasp on style and she's such a fab accessorizer, with the extra added touches that make her outfit into something individual and unique ie. her necklace, shoes and neon-lace skirt.
    And love both your outfits (the draped top number and the lace+grey crop-top)
    All those Prabal Gurung pieces are such show-stoppers. The purple print goes POW.

  11. I wouldn't even know where to begin to describe how awesome those heels are.. Loving the great fashion in this post!

  12. you look fabulous!! and this article was so great - you completely turned me on to a whole new designer i'm going to be obsessing about! i love all the bright colors in the collection - it's so wonderfully eclectic. and that crochet with the neon reminds me of a diy gift wrapping i saw on decor8 with pink neon and lace - it was gorgeous...i would totally wear it now too! so glad you got to go to this and share it with us!

  13. Oh my!! What a great post and article!!!
    Im so glad to have found a fellow hk blogger!
    You are so lucky to have been invited to see Taylor Tomasi Hill!
    What is it that you do?



  14. You look lovely! Excellent choice

    How nice that you got to go to the preview. I love Lane Crawford and have met Taylor Tomasi several times and she's so charming.