Time for another travel post.

Geneva met me with a particularly vicious cold.   Banks, straight roads, more banks and a giant lake with seagulls that looked like crows waiting to feed on the leftovers from the bonfire of the vanities. A banking city, a city of practical luxury, watches and chocolates. The cold made the city feel very hostile: full of vault like buildings and very serious people. 

I almost gave up trying to like this city, when after some aimless wondering around I walked into a small cosy place on the side street.  A little warm cafe, a cross between a pub, a bar and a uni cafe, where the owner made me feel completely at home, by telling me that wifi was free and as they didn't have much food I could grab anything form the bakery across the road, as long as I ordered their hot chocolate. So there I was, with the most delicious wholegrain croissant (never heard of those either, they are the best wheat creation on the planet) listening to some 90's tunes on the radio, (good old Oasis, it's been a while) and sipping my very hot chocolate, followed by very hot tea. 

One should never rush to make up their mind, ever the most unwelcoming city will have warm and nice people, even the most uncomfortable situation will have something positive about it, whenever things look really crap, keep your eyes open and remember to have a hot chocolate :)

Outfit: wearing all the clothes I found in my suitcase, from Massimo Dutti white jumper, to a pair of tights. Plus a new dip dye beany by Missoni, I found it on sale in a small store and given that my head was frozen just had to buy it!


  1. the wholegrain croissant looks delicious! great pictures...

    1. I know it was unbelievable and almost guilt free! Thanks hun, the iphone is the best portable camera :)

  2. the croissant looks yummy and now I'm craving a hot chocolate!

  3. Awesome! I particularly like your travel posts!

  4. Macaroons and pretty skies...breathtaking!! x

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  5. Nice pics! Thanks for your comment :)


  6. ooh what is this beautiful place?! ahhh if only i could visit Europe one day :)


  7. I agree. It takes a long time to really get to know a city. I never say that I dislike anywhere as there is always something positive to come out of every destination...
    Your pictures are lovely!

    ~ Clare x

  8. winter is cold and uncomfortable, but as beautiful as summer (more so?), I think. Your photos capture that!

    Peter @ http://low--couture.blogspot.com