Weekly New Designer (s): Standard Vintage

When I decided to become a mindful consumer last November and started to actually think about what and why I was buying, looking at vintage became a pretty obvious choice. The thing is, Russians are pretty much like the majority of Chinese, in that we have a strange relationship with vintage clothes. Maybe it comes from the fact that old clothes/hand downs are associated with poverty or maybe it's because both cultures are full of superstitions and old clothes are associated with dead people and spirits, or maybe as Sybil suggested yesterday, it's because the vintage clothes in the west come from the good times (roaring twenties, fun seventies, crazy 80's) as opposed to the depressing 70/80's in Russia.

Whatever the reason, growing up I never wore vintage, there were no vintage stores in Marbella in Spain either and even in my times of living in London I have to admit I had little interest in vintage. It was all about new clothes, Zara, Topshop and the various fashion stores on Kings Road and Notting Hill.

Last November, I decided it was time to give vintage a go. I came across Andy of Standard Vintage through the eponymous JJ of the Wanderlister and was really keen to come and check out his clothes, so a few weeks ago Andy, Kit Lee (our part-time London import and a vintage queen) and moi joined our forces on Sunday afternoon for a little photo shoot.

(Make sure to check out Kit's photos from the London fashion week wearing few of the Standard Vintage dresses)

So no vintage clothes do not smell, feel funny, nor do you see dead people when you wear them, the cuts are different to the ones we are used to and some styles can be a little too lady-like for the non elegant moi, but otherwise I love the experience of trying things made in a different era.

Best of all most of Standard Vintage pieces are handpicked Japanese dresses & accessories dated from the 60's to the 80's. The quality of each piece is outstanding and is as anti-fast fashion as  it can be. Andy has an amazing eye for colour and detail and all pieces are very reasonably priced. So make sure to check out his online store, for some unique one-off pieces.

Dresses courtesy of Andy from standard vintage. Photos of me by Kit!


  1. loving everything about this post: the photos, the clothes, the content. it's all very inspiring~ and all the pieces look fantastic. the blues are beautiful, as well as that vintage bag. that camera bag is too precious and you look stunning in that feather frock.
    looking through the racks of vintage clothing always felt a bit intimidating, but now that I'm older, I think it can be a fun and more interesting shopping experience. For now, my mom's closet has become my vintage store. She has all these amazing pieces and it's been very cool to be able to rock her stuff, 10-20 years later, and connect with her in a new way. It definitely makes me want to do the same with my future daughter (*crosses fingers*)


  2. Looove the feathery dress!! Love the electric blue one too.

    I just gave you two awards over on my blog :)

    ~ Clare x

  3. i love this post, full of these pictures, with all those dresses! i LOVE vintage dresses, and i find it so frustrating that we can't find such treasures here in hong kong. i do a lot of shopping on etsy shops and from some of the blogs i read (fancy treehouse and steffys pros and cons). i'll have to check out this standard vintage. i LOVE the blue of the first dress and the print of the last one also.

  4. Very lovely shots ~! Am glad to hear that you actually enjoy wearing vintage~! I love vintage since most of them are one of a kind! I do prefer Japanese vintage more since their cut and quality are much better than European vintage (well, at least they fits much nicer on a petite like me =P)


  5. for unfortunate political reasons, the '50s/60s' just don't have anywhere near the same connotations for vintage in China that it does in the US or Europe. maybe in a few more decades things will be different.

    i am a dedicated vintage hunter - some of my best buys have been vintage, one of a kind bags!

  6. I know exactly what you mean. My mom is a traditional Chinese lady, and she tries to steer me firmly away from anything vintage or used. I'm not sure if I've overcome my reluctance to purchase pre-loved items, when I can often score a great deal when purchasing new... a discount that I'd argue is on par with buying pre-owned. All that being said, you can really find some unique pieces at thrift and consignment stores that don't show up as often in your typical department store.