Weekly New Designer: Aijek

Happy Saturday! I ended up going out last night (first time since my birthday) and as a result spent the whole of today in bed. I did manage to get my emails done, but most of the day was split between eating banana granola and ice-cream, my new obsession Pinterest and movies.

Since I have given up high street shopping and decided to take my consumption under control, I have been trying to find sustainable eco-friendly labels that were also stylish, edgy and unique. I have come across some brilliant, inspiring young designers and I want to share my finds with you in a series of  weekly posts.

Let's start with Aijek a label by the Singapore-born designer Danelle Woo founded in late 2010 in Shanghai. As a blogger you often get emails from designers and online stores, but rarely do you come across something that you really love. I loved that Danelle shared my views on the need to combine style and sustainability. 

What struck me straight away was the simplicity of the lookbook: just a white brick wall, a chair, the model and the clothes. Nothing extra, no frills, a perfect composition. I also liked the fact that the model was not a typical waif, but a toned "real" girl. As for the clothes not only did the designer actually take time to reflect how to make them more eco-friendly, but the designs themselves were just right. Simple, but with a twist, a feather bodice dress, a cropped waistcoat, a red mini dress with a knotted cut out back, just the understated elegance I was searching for. 

Few more things that you need to know about the brand: 

o Aijek’s insistence of quality and workmanship means the brand is selective about who they work with. Each clothing is individually handmade in exclusive quantities by the most experienced tailors. They work with the same factories that manufacture for designer labels such as Prada, Max Mara, Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, etc.

o As a supporter of the environment, Aijek encourages ‘Quality VS Quantity’ to reduce the strain on our resources. This philosophy is translated through the brand’s simple and timeless designs with unexpected details that last season after season.

Natural, sustainable fabrics that feel good on the skin and age well in the wardrobe.

o Materials are selected on 3 criteria

1) Natural: Given a choice, the brand will always choose a natural fabric over a man-made or synthetic fiber. Signature fabrics include silk, viscose and cotton.

2) Hand Feel: Fabrics are chosen based on how they feel on the skin.

3) Comfort: Danelle chooses only the top of the range silk that is breathable and at the same time has excellent aesthetic properties.

Sounds like a sustainable wardrobe staple to me! I really want to get that beautiful feather dress for the summer. I think it would be perfect worn with a black leather jacket and some biker boots, or wooden wedges. You can buy the label online or for those in Hong Kong drop by the super cool concept store Forest Bird that started stocking it two months ago.

Have many more photos to share with you form my Paris and Geneva trips, in the next posts! Have a good rest of the weekend and remember not to mix vodka, sake and tequila if you go out tonight! 

P.S. Let me know what you think about this weekly designer feature?


  1. get some good rest T! I feel the same way whenever I go out drinking, but then again I have a very lowwww tolerance. and dang girl! vodka, sake and tequila!? hope you had a good time in the least ;p
    this brand looks fantastic! loving the simplicity and ease of style~ great find! please do share more~


  2. pinterest is so addicting. i discovered it about 2 weeks ago....hooked.

  3. Loving your weekly designer feature, can't wait to see more! I am absolutely in love with the chevron dress, what a great find. Oh yeah, don't get me started on pinterest, it is so addictive!

  4. lovely profile on this young designer! that feather dress is perfect for humid summer days... :)

  5. Super duper lovely. I especially love that last one with the black lace.

    ~ Clare

  6. Quality over quantity, always, for all things.

  7. LOVE the new feature and LOVE the black dress at the bottom with the lace detailing - stunning. Pinterest is seriously addictive - I am so copying you this weekend and spending at least one day eating ice-cream, watching movies and pinning!