The Holiday Essentials

I have been a very bad blogger mainly due to the various very exciting projects that I am working on at the moment. It feels like this week has been a blur of endless brainstorming sessions and as a result it wasn't until yesterday that I finally had time to shoot the capsule lookbook. I have to say I am still loving the challenge and am very tempted to cull another 50% of my wardrobe. Well edited simplicity is addictive!

I promise to post the "lookbook" within the next 2 days. I would post it now, but due to the jetlag and a lack of sleep; my brain is refusing to function. I am currently writing this from the Mumbai airport, I am on my way to Goa for a yoga retreat. I have wanted to do something super granola like a yoga retreat for ages, so hope it doesn't disappoint.

Here is a quick snapshot of my further edit of the capsule wardrobe, to an even smaller holiday baby capsule. 

P.S. hope you don't think I am a cheater, but I did take yoga leggings, scarves and two bikins with me :)

P.S.S. Check out our  Project 15/30 Pinterest mood boards for inspiration and feel free to join in!


  1. Ooh, enjoy Goa! One of my favourite places - love spending time in the sea. Any chance you might stop by Delhi?

  2. How fun! I love that you're doing this- it's amazing! Have fun!

  3. I randomly found your blog (while searching for Club Monaco!) and I quite like it :) I'm also a nomad..
    The 15/30 challenge sounds like a good idea. I'm about to leave for a trip so I'll at least apply the concept to my packing list. Looking forward to reading more posts!

  4. Love your selection. Enjoy Goa, i'd love to do a yoga retreat!