I returned from Goa on Monday morning. It was an absolutely incredible experience. Life for a week was simple: wake up at sunrise, beach walk in the morning, practise yoga for 2 hours, eat, sleep and swim, practise in the evening, then more delicious food for dinner and finish the day with meditation. I only opened my laptop once and I almost didn't use my phone. Three instagram uploads and a few calls to "worried mom" (are there drugs and malaria mosquitoes she asked) sum up my mobile tech use.  

I was really happy (no drugs or mosquitoes involved). It's amazing when you realise how little you need in life to feel content. 

Of course the return to reality has been rather harsh. I have been wandering around Hong Kong like a Zombie wrapped in cotton wool. City buzz, twitter, work anxiety, worried busy multi-tasking  non-smiley people, Hong Kong has been feeling very empty and foreign.  I am veryyyyy slowly de-relaxing. 

I will upload all the Goa photos this week.

In the meantime, I was looking through the photos Sam took of me before I left and saw these three close ups. While I like the arm stacking trend on other people/bloggers, when I try to wear lots of bracelets I feel like a clanking Christmas tree, so I prefer wearing two to three arm pieces at a time at maximum. Some days when I want something really simple I will wear just one bracelet and no other jewelry. As I continue to detox my wardrobe, I am also starting to clear out my jewelry drawers, keeping only the things of value whether emotional or monetary, getting rid of random buys, gifts, things that I will never ever wear. I like the idea of having a few pieces to cherish over many pieces you care little about. 

Pink ribbon from Merci Paris, all bracelets and ring courtesy of Georg Jensen


  1. White lace skirt is just so perfect!

  2. So glad you had a good time! Goa is amazing, one of my favourite places in the world.

  3. that sounds so amazing - i need to take a trip like that soon...and i love the bracelets on you!

  4. I need a vacation like this, but I'm terrible at making myself relax. Can't wait to see Goam pictures. It's on my list of dream destinations.

  5. it's all true.
    i can relate to the jewelry minimalism. i find i pay more attention if there is less to look at, so a single bracelet can feel/look/seem very very bold.

  6. Can't wait to see some pics from Goa. How lovely to get away from it all for a while.

    ~ Clare x

  7. Your holiday sounds amazing. I too would have a hard time getting back into things after that. Good luck with getting back in the swing of things. Oh, and I love the details shots, the lace skirt in the first image is amazing.

  8. Ah, the lace dress is lovely.

    We all need to disconnect sometimes - glad to hear you enjoyed Goa so much.

  9. Simplicity is great :) looks great too