Weekly New Designer: Fleabags

I was never meant to take a long holiday from blogging, but somehow a week in Goa stretched into two weeks without a post.  To be honest a week away from Hong Kong, made me realise that my favourite and much loved hobby of writing and day dreaming turned into a second job: the multiple projects, the events, the endless meetings about collaborations, ideas, twitter, instagram, suddenly I found myself with two full time jobs. Taking a break from it  all made me realise that I was spreading myself too thinly; running around without a purpose trying to prove something to myself and to others. 

I am not one of these amazing people who naturally multitasks between a multitude of projects with computer like efficiency of a social butterfly. I have a tendency to get stressed out about things and take things personally, so in the next few months I want to focus on much fewer projects that I can do well, rather than a thousand things that I do half way and end up stressed out because I never have time to just stop and breathe.

I have been so relaxed and at peace since my return that I have not even started editing the Goa photos I will try my best to get through them this week and if I don't I hope you will forgive me. 
On another note its the last day of the 15/30 project. I have shot the final lookbook this weekend, I cannot believe the challenge is over, I think I am going to miss the simplicity of the wardrobe dilemmas.

Anyway enough of blabbing it's been a while since I have introduced you to a new designer and this weekend I came across a perfect candidate for my almost weekly designer post.  NYC born Fleabags are locally made, in limited edition, by hand, in small production runs. I love the simple, but quirky designs, the typography of the website, the clean aesthetics, the originality of each bag and the beautiful and effortless lookbook. 

So who is behind the brand?
Shira Entis, a fashion designer and lover of all things tiny and over-sized, and Alex Bell, a lawyer and seeker of adventures, have been fleamarket addicts since they met at Brown University. Frustrated by the inconvenience and environmental hazard of accumulating plastic bags while marketing, they craved a convenient and fashion-hot tote that could fit all of their wares. Fleabags are designed as their ideal solution - dapper, large, lightweight and sturdy carry-alls - that are also eco-minded.

Added bonus?

Fleabags strives to create products that are as green as possible while maintaining high quality and covetable design. Fleabags are made with organic and vintage materials, vegetable-tanned and re-purposed leathers, and other parts all sourced in the USA.

P.S. I have not shopped for a month and this blue and cream clutch is definitely on my wishlist of things to buy.


  1. I wants. May ask my parents to get one for my birthday. Bahahaha...
    Sorry this is the most unintellectual comment. The backpack would be perfect without the netting- I can already imagine how many things that netting can get hooked on in the subway as you are trying to exit. :P

  2. no prob with taking a step back to reflect and re-prioritize. After all, this is meant to be fun! (not for it to feel like work, since that's what your actual job is for ;p)
    cool brand~ i like the clutches as well. such great accessories! the backpacks look good too, esp. the cognac one~ for me, the straps would have to be wider so it gives me extra support for all the effin stuff I shove into my bag!

  3. i love fleabags! i wish they were a bit less expensive so i could get the ones that i'm in love with. i haven't seen some of the ones you've featured though - i will definitely need to check them out!

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  5. It is very sophisticated nevertheless comfortable. I especially love the sling bag!

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