Food Glorious Food

I am dearly missing my parents and the dry weather in Moscow. Hong Kong is being stupidly humid which is wrecking havoc on my hair.  At work yesterday I got one of those childish moments where I wanted to get up and leave. Working in a corporate environment is sometimes very difficult, it kills creativity and make everything revolve around money. This world is about profits, strategies, budgets. In fact in most industries your success tends to be measured by how much your "so-called talent" can generate, whether that talent is making a dress that people would pay 10,000USD for, or selling some shares.


Minus Fifteen

It's cold outside. It's so cold it burns. Inside the central heating has turned the air into a desert and you can pretty much walk around in a bikini. The -15 degrees outside come as quite a surprise to your overheated body. At first you feel the cold in your fingers, where the gloves cannot handle the icy wind, then the knees start burning, with every gust of wind you can feel your veins working harder and harder to pump the blood, then there is a numbing tingling feeling that rushes through your legs, your skin shocked by the temperature of the air. Then your face gives in, despite being half protected by the scarf, your nose starts to lose all  the senses.  Maybe it's time to go home?


Rootless Identity

I just arrived in Moscow. I left when I was 14. Living somewhere for fourteen years, even your first fourteen years is more than enough to give you memories, to create stories, to make bonds with people.
It's been 13 years since I lived here, I come back once, sometimes twice a year, yet I have a freeze frame of memories from the 90's that have been imprinted in my mind. First kiss, music lessons, the corridors of my old school, first cigarette, slow dancing to Barbara Streisand and fast dancing to Scatman, day time discos, Kurt Cobain, Lion King, Lego and MTV, Spice Girls and my first Snickers bar, driving to the countryside with my parents, the cat peeing all over the car (it smelt so bad we had to sell the car), hospitals (I spent a year in hospital when I had meningitis at 7), my countryside, my flat, playing playstation with my friends, first love, first broken heart.



Cannot believe it's already Wednesday and it's only my first post for the week. Friday I am going to Moscow for Chinese New Years, I am thinking of bringing my two favourite Lunar New Year treats glutinous Rice cake (年糕 nian gao) and a Taro cake (芋头糕 ) for my parents to try, I wonder if they would like them (and if I will have any problems of taking them through customs).


Lane Crawford S/S 2012 x Taylor Tomasi Hill

How often do you get starstruck? This Tuesday I was starstruck when I met Taylor Tomasi Hill, the tiny amazingly dressed style icon of the fashion world.  I felt like a teenager beyond myself with excitement, I have seen her on so many blogs in the last two years; her style always perfect, structured, edgy, sporty, slightly boyish, basically exactly the description of my perfect imaginary wardrobe. Lane Crawford hosted a beautiful S/S 2012 preview together with Taylor in their awesome loft space in Aberdeen.


Geeks & Hipsters

As the days are getting colder all I want to do is eat stews and congee, sleep and read, I just want to become a bear in hibernation, alas that is of course not an option. How do you guys manage to stay active in winter? Is there a trick against winter lazyness?

On a more fun note here are the promised photos from Friday night. What a night! I think I may still be recovering from the celebration. I am a huge fan of having parties at home; why go to a club, when you can choose the guest list, surrounding yourself with all your dear friends, plus you can pick the music and the food.


I am getting older ... more Birthdays

I am a year older! What? How did that happen? Can't I just be 18 or at least 20 forever? Time is spinning out of control more and more every year.
To be honest being born right after the New Years (on the 4th of January), is kind of crap: people are tired, they have started their post Christmas detox and are really not in the mood to celebrate.  So to cheer everyone up from the post-holiday blues I decided that it would be good to host a fancy dress party tomorrow - the theme is geeks&hipsters, I know kinda lame, but a little bit of cheese never hurt anyone, right? (I mean it could have been worse... like pimps & ho's or superheroes or .... ).


Happy 2012 and a Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy New Years to you and all your loved ones! 

Let this new year bring us happiness, luck, inspiration, new encounters and new travels and lots of love. I was actually meant to post this yesterday, but I got absolutely tied up in a mission to tidy up my house. (I am talking about a major master cleanse that generated 10 kilos of rubbish, magazines, boxes, 3 promotional gym bags, old kites, kitchen appliances... the list is shockingly endless and we are still half way through the process, next target is my wardrobe).