(Rē′dres′) to set right; remedy or rectify

Once in a while you meet really inspirational people who are doing amazing things with their lives. Instead of just taking things for granted and assuming the lazy and easy position of what I don't know doesn't hurt and "Oh but what can I really do", they go out of their way to make a difference.


Weekly New Designer (s): Standard Vintage

When I decided to become a mindful consumer last November and started to actually think about what and why I was buying, looking at vintage became a pretty obvious choice. The thing is, Russians are pretty much like the majority of Chinese, in that we have a strange relationship with vintage clothes. Maybe it comes from the fact that old clothes/hand downs are associated with poverty or maybe it's because both cultures are full of superstitions and old clothes are associated with dead people and spirits, or maybe as Sybil suggested yesterday, it's because the vintage clothes in the west come from the good times (roaring twenties, fun seventies, crazy 80's) as opposed to the depressing 70/80's in Russia.


Weekly New Designer: Aijek

Happy Saturday! I ended up going out last night (first time since my birthday) and as a result spent the whole of today in bed. I did manage to get my emails done, but most of the day was split between eating banana granola and ice-cream, my new obsession Pinterest and movies.


Paris Part 1

I am sure you are all watching the NYFW,  I have to admit I love how little colour there was in the collections shown so far. Everything was rather muted or monochrome, refined, calm, structured - quite a relief after few seasons of colour blocking. I particularly loved Philip Lim and Altuzarra. 



I am back from a whirlwind week in Europe. I love flying long haul because I get to watch lots of movies that I might have otherwise missed. This time it was: Beginners with Ewan Mcgregor and Mélanie Laurent, In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried and Planet of the Apes.  I have to confess I have a complete girl crush on both Melanie for being super cool and Amanda, well for being genetically ridiculously perfect. (Do you think she might be an alien?)


Month in Instagram

In my bid to organize my house, I decided it was time to organise my blog, check out the travel section that now archives all my trips, really hope that you like it! I am working on other sections including Hong Kong and style, so stay tuned.

I am very excited, as tomorrow I should be flying to Paris for work. I am hoping I will be able to take some photos for the blog and eat lots of macaroons. After Paris I would be going to Geneva for the first time, which should be very cool (although freezing cold from what I have heard).